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To delete incriminating evidence in order to get out of trouble
I had to hillary that sext from Brittany before my girlfriend could see it.
by #neverhillary May 14, 2016
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A pretty and gentle girl...She would hate to see you sad and have strong feelings but would keep her head up through hard stuff and is very confident about herself.
And you should respect a Hillary because she will take care of you and will always support you
"You are such a Hillary :)"
"You are respectful like a Hillary"
by Hills_89 March 04, 2018
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to "pull a hillary":
v. To keep trying to win a game that has already been lost, at the expense of everyone else involved.

"I'm tired and hungry and you're losing 10 nothing. Lets go home. Don't pull a hillary."

"You're dividing a nation and weakening your political party in a critical time! Get behind your opponent, he's much more of a leader than you. Don't pull a hillary!"
by alex84 May 19, 2008
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Verb. The criminal act of executing widespread & unprecedented election fraud/vote rigging in a political primary. Bribing the mainstream media with promises of huge profits to lie, misdirect and intentionally persuade and mislead millions of undecided voters to vote against their own best interests by reporting false election results and propaganda. The illegal process of having voters disenfranchised by having them unjustifiably purged from the rolls with neither their knowledge or consent. Committing massive voter suppression by closing targeted voting designations thought to be located in opponent prevalent areas. Decreasing published voting hours, publicizing incorrect dates/conditions & locations at which to vote. Having rival voters threatened w/ death threats, promising inmates special privileges in return for votes, sending designates to impoverished areas to bribe the poorest among us to cast votes for oneself. Having people bused in to illegally vote in areas outside of their legal and registered precincts. Allowing unregistered voters to vote. Having machines rigged to switch votes. The act of having thousands of rival ballots discarded. Paying software developers to create software to fraudulently process votes to be logged opposite of votes entered. To pay one's supporters to fraudulently change voter totals and force balance them to equal a pre-determined and fake goal. Having paid poll employees rig election results to falsify and match fake exit polls.
The voters in New York, Arizona, Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey and several others had their Constitutional voting rights violated and are victims of painfully obvious and documented Hillarys.
by Ammosexual June 11, 2016
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N. A common name, usually used for the female sex.

V. To take a dump, To poop, To relieve ones self.
Nick: Dude Hillary is passed out from the massive amounts of alcohol she consumed tonight!

Kenny: This is our chance to Hillary all over her face!
by YeahOkYeahYeahOk February 15, 2011
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God's Gift to those Idiots that cannot see through this Liar. What a Lying Bitch. Every other word out of her mouth is a Lie she'd make a great president if we needed a Liar for a president.
# 1 What A Hillary Liar

# 2 Wow you could be a Hillary
# 3 If you want to be like a Hillary just Lie.
# 4 If you want to be a President just follow Hillary's foot steps and Lie.
by LIAR LIAR 2016 May 15, 2016
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A liar, thief, and a terrible woman that defended a child rapist, then laughed about it
-I'm voting for Hillary

via giphy
by Skidvurd June 24, 2016
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