A pretty and gentle girl...She would hate to see you sad and have strong feelings but would keep her head up through hard stuff and is very confident about herself.
And you should respect a Hillary because she will take care of you and will always support you
"You are such a Hillary :)"
"You are respectful like a Hillary"
by Hills_89 March 4, 2018
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Noun. Despite recent controversial political figures, a Hillary is a girl who has her sh*t on lock. She always knows what needs to get done and gets it done with flawless style and grace. A Hillary doesn't let life's challenges weigh her down but instead shines radiantly through adversity, lifting the spirits of those around her. Do not get on a Hillary's bad side because you will be trapped in a bottomless pit of torment from which the only escape is the sweet mercy of lady death. A Hillary will always speak her mind with words that can heal a wounded heart or cause your insides to implode. Obviously a Hillary is a classic drop dead gorgeous femme fatale but that's not her fault. A Hillary walks through life like a falcon soars through the sky, expertly riding the updrafts and downbursts, taking pleasure in her own skill and confidence, vigilantly searching for the next kill.

Verb. To absolutely dominate at whatever you do with unequaled ferocity.
Bro #1,"I met a girl name Hillary last night. She made me feel like Jasmine riding Aladdin's magic carpet!"
Bro #2, "Sounds like a Hillary alright, they know how to hillary. Don't get on her bad side!"
by luvhandelz September 18, 2019
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A wannabe military girlfriend. They obsess over a certain military branch and hope to snag a serviceman. Commonly found in and around the Annapolis area trying to pick up midshipmen. Once they do get a military man the only pictures they take are of them with their boyfriend in uniform. Also have a huge obsession with V-J Day in Times Square picture (but have no knowledge of the actual photograph).
Girl 1: That girl hangs out in Annapolis all the time.
Girl 2: All she wants is a token mid.
Girl 1: What a Hillary
by Pooldude September 19, 2012
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God's Gift to those Idiots that cannot see through this Liar. What a Lying Bitch. Every other word out of her mouth is a Lie she'd make a great president if we needed a Liar for a president.
# 1 What A Hillary Liar

# 2 Wow you could be a Hillary
# 3 If you want to be like a Hillary just Lie.
# 4 If you want to be a President just follow Hillary's foot steps and Lie.
by LIAR LIAR 2016 May 16, 2016
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Heaven Sent; also considered a Gift of God.
A beautiful woman who graces those she meets with joy and loving kindness. Hillary is a friend, a lover, and an all around picture of perfection.(Did I mention she's more gorgeous than you, with perfect teeth and a killer ass?)
"Wow, Hillary is everything I've ever wanted to be..."
by snoopmuffin April 14, 2008
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1. To fail to such a degree that you deserve to be ridiculed.

2. The antonym of the verb "Obama" which means to succeed/win or to completely obliterate.
"Nathalie you hillary-ied so badly on that math test."

"Shut up before I obama your face."
by FORTRAN July 11, 2008
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Hillary is an amazing person with a kind heart. She is mentally crazy in a good way. She is funny, caring and crazy. But in inside of her is a savage girl thats swears.
Person 1 - Hi , have you been a Hillary today?
Person 2 - Yeah i have.
by WolfGamer357 January 9, 2018
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