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when someone is murdered and then arranged in such a way to make the death seem like a suicide. the victim may also be forced to take his own life so that the real culprit leaves little to no evidence of wrongdoing. authorities rule the cause of death to be a plain old suicide which often means that no investigation is preformed.
the key witnesses were all suicided before they could testify. i guess they all were depressed or something. oh well. case dismissed!
by monkeytron5000 June 04, 2009
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Killed by someone of a higher power, therefore investigations conclude it was suicide.
The authorities say he committed suicide days before he was to testify against George W Bush. I'm sure it was George's associates that suicided him.
by Scott March 10, 2005
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An act of assassination as to make the victim appear to have committed suicide.
We have been told that the investigator looking into Barrack Obama, and Eric Holders crimes has committed suicide, along with the medical examiner. However we all know that they were Suicided.

Peter W. Smith was suicided recently, another body count to the mysterious Clinton death count.
by Berserk 1982 July 14, 2017
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When someone frames you for your own murder.
When the coroner looked at the body he knew the man had been suicided. He knew to much.
by Yoderguy November 15, 2018
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When someone had too much information & gets murdered but the killer makes it appear to be a suicide.
Mike was found dead hung in his home after he was going to talk about what he knew.
Looks like he got Suicided.
by LunchtimeImam August 06, 2018
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When a person is killed, and made to look as though they took their own life.

In an attempt to rule out foul play;

Killers fabricate a scene in which the victim committed suicide- either by means of hanging, shooting, overdose, etc.

Often- the suicide(s) will occur under very suspicious circumstances, leading some to believe that the "official story" is falsified/bullshit.
Conspiracy Theorist #1: "There's no fucking way Phil Schneider killed himself.."

#2: "The Government obviously suicided him after he exposed those underground military bases.."
by MitchPreme November 21, 2018
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