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The prefix of "derp". Usually used when saying something foolish.
Person 1: Does anybody know why I can't get my TV to turn on?
Person 2: Try plugging it in.
Person 1: Herp.
by tveye September 09, 2011
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A reptile or amphibian, derived from "herpetology."

As usual, complete idiots come on to Urban Dictionary and make misspell their STD's.
I love my pet herp.
by Kenthar January 08, 2004
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Noun: Herps
An insane female with herpes and is obsessed with an ex. Usually under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Also does witchcraft on friends without their knowledge. Avoid a herps at all costs. Will most likely be found in goth clubs.

Adjective: Herping
Female who spreads herpes while all coked up and drunk

Watch out for that herps in the club spinning those lights.

Avoid that girl cus she looks like she's ready to do some herping.
by Skull5 April 16, 2019
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Another word for reptiles or amphibians, so you don't have to say that large phrase. Listen, which is easier?

"Man, let's go to florida, there's a ton of reptiles and amphibians down there."

"Man, let's go to florida, there's a ton of herps down there."

MUCH easier. Although some illiterates and dyslexics think that "herps" is another word for "herpes", it isn't. Singularly, herp. Derived from the greek word that means "things that crawl."
"Yeah, he keeps herps."

"Herps make kickass pets."
by Alexander Girard August 30, 2005
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Short slang for a herpies infected individual.
Dude, does she have herp?
by Olive October 08, 2003
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Short for genital gerpes. Usually contracted from skanky ass bitches.
Damn man, i told you would get the Herps if you didn't wear a rubber! now look at you, you've got that shit all over your dick!
by FUZZYmufflerZzZ January 24, 2010
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