The prefix of "derp". Usually used when saying something foolish.
Person 1: Does anybody know why I can't get my TV to turn on?
Person 2: Try plugging it in.
Person 1: Herp.
by tveye September 9, 2011
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Herp is slang for the that wonderful disease HERPES.
"Hey James did you talk to that bitch Jen for giving you the Herp?"
by Lets Fuckin Cyber February 14, 2008
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N. An action so undeniably awesome that one has no other words to describe it. Often used right after or in process of performing said action. Often an epic win.

V. An incredibly epic action, the act of achieving greatness.
1: Oh my god, did you see him backflip off of that truck and use his chainsaw to kill those ninjas?

2: Yeah, man. What a herp!


I herped so hard she couldn't walk for two weeks!


1: You think you could herp that?

2: Definitely, dude. Just give me the peanut butter.
by RadioactivePuppy October 26, 2010
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Sure it isn't the actual Russian translation, but why the fuck do you care? What are you, a HERP?
by The Guru Turtle January 5, 2011
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1. A moist burp.
2. A burp containing liquid or solid matter.

hurped, hurp·ing, hurps
"That bloke just herped into his mouth.. Look! He's swallowing it!"; "He just herped onto her shoulder. She's gonna be mad!".
by nutte March 8, 2013
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When someone gives you herpes by raping you
Help! He's herping me!
by Seamus Harte November 3, 2017
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When something very bad happens, or when something happens that pisses you off. Origin: Texas
Derived from the word "Herpies"
Person1: "Dude I went to go get the kill
and he was out."

by Praetorian March 30, 2004
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