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The polite way to tell people to shut the fuck up. Always insinuated, but never followed.
Now class, remember to use your inside voices while visiting to the museum.

But Miss Teacher...

For fuck's sake, I said 'inside voices', Tommy.
by RadioactivePuppy March 18, 2011

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V. Constantly talking/complaining about how old you are. Often intended to be heartwarming and quirky, but ends up becoming annoying and upsetting. Old people frequently employ this technique, especially the old homeless. Root word, Sazh Katzroy, resident african-american of Final Fantasy XIII, looks relatively young and has a young child, but never ceases to mention how old he is. Not to mention, his battle animations often have him standing on one foot, aiming guns behind his back.
"Wisdom does come with age!"

"Stop Sazhing and get over yourself, man."

When my grandpa starting talking about World War II, I instantly tuned him out. I hate it when he Sazhes.
by RadioactivePuppy October 26, 2010

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N. The person who hoards friends whom they find beneficial or make them feel special. Usually a total fucking loser or a person with underdeveloped social skills who believes obtaining more "friends" to add to their "collection" makes them a better person. A play on Horace Slughorn, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher who uses the status of his friends to judge his personal success. Loser.
1. Ugh. He's only in that goddamned frat so he can be more of a Slughorn.

2. That fucking Slughorn just made friends with the Art Teacher because he's going to that Arts Festival.

3. What a Slughorn. (In response to a friend throwing his phone number at a band member at a concert)
by RadioactivePuppy December 05, 2010

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V. tilting one's head and looking towards the ceiling when imagining an absurd situation. While this is a reference to Scrubs' JD and his daydreams, it's actually a very real occurrence and sometimes facilitates the awesomeness of the imagined situation. Sometimes, a JD Dream can actually cause you to miss valuable conversation material because of the lack of eye contact.
1. We were talking about porn stars with chainsaws and I totally JD Dreamed and missed half of the entire conversation.

2. You idiot, you just fucking JD Dreamed about squirrels covered in peanut butter...?

3. Today we'll be talking about quantum mechanics, and don't you fuckers JD Dream your way out of the discussion.
by RadioactivePuppy December 05, 2010

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N. 1.Epic fail. An attempt at something of extreme greatness, but an utter fail. Antonym: Herp. 2. An expression used in the act of failing, often an exclamation. 3. The name for someone/thing that has failed.

V. Sucking really hard.
N. 1.
1: That guy ate it so hard on that triple pirouette.

2: I know, right?! What a derp.

N. 2.
1(while belly-flopping into a pool): DERP!

N. 3.
1: You honestly tried to pull off cooking 30 brownies in 20 minutes? You fucking derp.

1: Have you ever herped so hard you derped?
by RadioactivePuppy October 26, 2010

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N. An action so undeniably awesome that one has no other words to describe it. Often used right after or in process of performing said action. Often an epic win.

V. An incredibly epic action, the act of achieving greatness.
1: Oh my god, did you see him backflip off of that truck and use his chainsaw to kill those ninjas?

2: Yeah, man. What a herp!


I herped so hard she couldn't walk for two weeks!


1: You think you could herp that?

2: Definitely, dude. Just give me the peanut butter.
by RadioactivePuppy October 26, 2010

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