Roleplaying. An interactive social activity for people with the ability to write and improvise.

Sadly, roleplaying is being invaded by people who can't write OR improvise OR follow common rules of etiquette.

By the way, roleplaying is a game. Anyone who thinks that it relates directly to real life any more than, say, Crazy Eights does might want to have their head examined.
"I'm going to go RP with my friends."

"I'm bored... let's RP."
by truthfulone November 28, 2003
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Role play. As in act as a character and play out a scene with other people.
Hellbunny walks onto the MUSH and kicks ass.
by Hellbunny March 20, 2003
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Received Pronunciation.
It reffers to the way English is spoken by the aristocracy and the Royals. Basicall posh.
"One is incredibly grateful"
"give the RP a rest"
by Hugh W August 4, 2005
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Nickname for a person who has red pubes.
Nick's hair is red and so are his pubes. Hey Nick your new nickname is rp.
by thegoz 5050 January 7, 2007
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Short for role-play. People on myspace and xanga steal pictures of pretty people to interact with fellow RPers. They are either too fugly or pathetic to live a real life.
Mr. X: I'm too ugly to go to a party.
Ms. y: Make an RP site to make-believe a party!
by LxPaR October 21, 2007
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Short for Role Play

An activity mostly performed on the internet (forums, chats) in which Anti-social, Broody, Cold and Loosers engage when they have nothing else better to do and are too ugly and boring to interact with real actual people.. Also related to the word cyber
Looser1: Hey!!
Looser2: Hn......
Looser1: Wanna RP?
Looser2: Sure.. you start...
Looser2; Asuka starts taking off her clothes.. blah.. blah.. blah...
by Noypi August 29, 2005
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RP: refers to "random pubs", random people or person who join public games among you and your friends. Mostly used in Warcraft 3 custom map "Dota". BA.

The majority of RP's are hopeless noob's who don't know how to play and are usually flamers. They tend to destroy games due to their incompetence and lack of common sense.
too_much_kebabz: "solo mid yo cunts"
Elunax: "gg, this rp, we lose"
Rjay: "banned and rmk"
too_much_kebabz:" wtf why?"
Elunax: "noob thats why"
Rjay: "gg, noisy this rp"
by pebenitox July 12, 2011
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