What people type on the internet when they mean "rapping." Adds a whole different context to the sentence i.e. the person in question is renowned for his style of raping.
I love your raping ! ! your the next white raper ! ! (sic)
by T from the L September 1, 2006
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when you are straight up dominating/winning something. it doesn't matter what it is, but it matters that you are killing and are showing beastly qualities.
Guy 1: dude you just blew up 5 fucking trucks!

Guy 2: i know! i am seriously raping here!!!
by O-Fro March 2, 2007
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A word used as a substitute for the common profane adjectives (fucking, damn, etc)
1. Man 1: Dude, you drank my water *kicks man 2 in the hand*
Man 2: OW, man! You just kicked my raping hand!

2. I can't believe I have a raping math test next period!
by Doctor Swiing August 24, 2007
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The bad kind of Rape. Coined by Whoopi Goldberg, who said that Roman Polanski didn't "rape-rape" a thirteen year old girl. He just raped her.
Whoopi Goldberg on child rape: I know it wasn't rape-rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape.
by jmshade88 October 1, 2009
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people who pass unconstitutional laws that rape my rights like the assholes who invented property tax. No one has actually owned property in 100 years! If you don't pay your property tax (rent to assholes in washington) the government assholes take your property away, sell it to other assholes, and do something gay with the money. traitors and assholes alike!
the assholes who invented property tax are those fucking socialists the same assholes who gave us "temporary" income tax to rape my spending power, fucking welfare to rape my paycheck, and allowed assholes in banks to invent money to lend but keep the real money profits. bank assholes who mismanage the imaginary money spread the loss around to people with jobs or assets and pocket the real money again. treasonous assholes.
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when something is kickass, cool, dope, tight etc.
"Dude that song totally rapes."
by Valesia April 18, 2007
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A horrible crime that men woman and children can suffer from. It can make people want to die or lead them to drugs or alcohol to try and get rid of the memory. It is never the victims fault. Rape is not a joke. No one desserves to be raped it is one of the worst things to go through and some people never get over it. I am only 13 years old. And I have been raped 5 times. I blamed myself. But I realize now that it was never my fault. And everyone who has been raped should realize that too.
Person 1: I was raped and it's all my fault
Person 2: of course it was you are just a slut
Person 3: get out of here it's not her fault and she is not a slut, and at least she isn't an asshole like you
Person 2: whatever bye *walks away*
Person 1: thank you
Person 3: I will always be here for you if you need anything, and it's not your fault so don't say it is
Person1: ok thanks you made me feel a lot better
by Wolf love July 5, 2017
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