Person 1: "hey dude lets get sick herp tonight"

Person 2: "dude you down to get herp tonight?"
by jackierapture September 04, 2008
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It means ‘Herpes’ but this slow person said it’s “Herps” so it’s just the bootleg version of ‘Herpes’
“He gave you herps
by Zeiora March 06, 2019
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1. something people say before or after derp, sometimes as a substitute for derp (see derp).

2. may become the prefix of derp to make herpderp or herpaderp.
Herp "Herp derp!"
Derp "Herp derp?"
Herp "herp derp derp herpaderp"
Derp "Derp."
Herp "Herp."
Any Human Bieng "I completely understand this"
by Vortex1212 December 18, 2016
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Lacking understanding. Not making sense. Nonsense.

The origin of Derp is easily found, but often wrong. Some claim it began with BASEketball, a 1998 film by the creators of South Park... which in turn led to the replacement of Chef by a Mr. Derp.

Close, but no cigar. The real origin predates 1998 by more than two decades... but Chef is a nice parallel with the original origin, which was surely the inspiration behind the name of his replacement.
The first appearance of the original was on The Muppet Show "Sex and Violence" which first aired in 1975.
The Chef in this case was Swedish. He never said anything remotely English, and spoke in a strange language that was strange enough to be almost Swedish.
Quite often he said something that often sounded like "Herp derp herpy derpy"

That is it. Pure and simple. Completely lacking understanding. Pöpcørn shrimpee. Herp derp.
pcørn shrimpee. Herp derp.
by Piss Miggy May 24, 2021
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When someone gives you herpes by raping you
Help! He's herping me!
by Seamus Harte November 03, 2017
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