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when pain is inflicted by means of insult, blackmail, or general embarassment. originated from when salt is sprinkled into a wound, causing further stinging and pain. later, gestures were added for effect, often consisting of rubbing fingers together over the victim's head to suggest gingerly applying a layer of salt for extra emphasis on "being served."
-your momma's so fat that when her beeper goes off, everyone thinks she's backin up
by feedyourcat January 25, 2006
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When someone is insulted, embarassed, or made to look like a fool of some sort.

Originally "assaulted", but later reduced to a more convenient syllable count.
David Oh: Matt, you're such a fuckin' douchebag!
(Matt cries)
Passing man: YOU BEEN SALTED!
by King Ninja March 03, 2004
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a derogatory remark, usually stated after a person does or says something incredibly stupid.
person 1: "Did you see that idiot trip?"
person 2: "Oohh! Salted!"
by thechroshley October 08, 2004
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To be verbally raped or beaten, hurting others feelings and/or crushing spirits
Lefko: "Your retarded"
B-Wass: "Your mom got retarded when she choked on my fat nuts and got brain damage"
Gimbel: "Salted!!!"
by Sunny Sunnyton October 14, 2007
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when you feel stupid, or someone else feels stupid
1. you get all dressed up for ur date and then he/she calls and cancels. ur salted
by Laquesha March 23, 2006
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To be completely and thoroughly intoxicated, as if for the first time. Salted defines the world of drunken hurt that awaits for a newb out for a binge with their friends. Rooted in the Rockies, it stems from the idea that an LDS person from Salt Lake City would not normally drink, so if you happen to convince them, they would go far over their heads and spend the rest of the night hugging the toilet.
Shit man, I can't believe Sara is drinking! She's getting completely salted tonight!
by KissKissBangBang77 November 21, 2010
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