Very Imaginative, wishes to travel the world.

quiet and thoughtful, independent. Compassionate, peaceful,caring.

friendly, first comes off as shy, but once you get her to talk, she finds her comfort zone.

gentle, sensitive-may get hurt by the truth a lot.

sociable-sometimes, not always wanting to talk. Mainly feels alone. Often needs hugs. Wants to feel wanted & needed. Loves seeing old crushes. Keeps to herself. Debby always has a group of people that want to be her friend, although she chooses wisely her very close friends.

Optimistic-Suffers an on-going battle of depression. Tries to think differently, to shut out negative thoughts. Finds the brighter side of each day. Always has a good morning greeting for everyone she sees, thoughtfully asks how people are doing, and shows empathy.

humorous-loves to laugh. loves corny/pick lines b/c it makes her laugh a lot. Mainly needs a man who can bring laughter into her life.

One last thought, there are times when jealousy is shown from acquaintances. woman that want to be a 'Debby'. But Debby will not let that get her down, she is amazing, she can handle anything thrown at her or any mountain that has to be climbed.
by wallywu December 22, 2012
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A girl who is lovable and loves unconditionally. When she is hurt, she tries not to show it, and when she's down, she hides it behind a smile. The addition of a 'y' instead of 'ie' shows her individuality and refusal to conform to the normal ways of life. Exciting, creative, talented and beautiful both outside and in, Debby's are a shining example of a great friend.
Debby is going through a hard time, but you cant tell from her smile.
by Dark_Man_Whore November 4, 2010
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Amazing woman, beautiful, graceful, intelligent, caring, understanding, helpful, powerful, loving and fair. Debby (original spelling has always been with a 'y') over the years the spelling has changed. Every Debby I have ever know has always been amazing, her best feature is her beauty inside and out, she is a God send. No one can compare to Debby.
by Mother Juanita III December 22, 2012
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Debby is an extremely homosexual man who will watch ou as youn sleep while fapping then he will procede to pull your covers off. if you do not have a butt plug he will anal you. this mythical creature is exclusive to australia and of chinese decent. he is also very twitchy and likes to think about his next victim in his own time or in public
Guy 1: oh no it's Debby!
Guy 2: grab your butt plugs.
Guy 3: oh no I forget mine please help me.
Debby: it's time for a little fun!
Guy 3 runs away screaming!
by The Holy Protector Of Butt November 20, 2019
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Someone who's always causin' shit
You know Debby, she's always causin' shit.
by kasd November 23, 2010
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Sometimes referred to as "Debby Downer."; Someone who practices hate on someone, or spots out the negatives in something good.
1. Guy 1: Dude I just got Guitar Hero IV!

Guy 2: Same, it sucks. The songs suck shit.

Guy 1: Its not that bad, Debby.
2. Duke is a Debby about the game
3. Man A: I just got you a new Mac computer for your birthday!!

Man B: Throw that shit out Macs suck

Man C: Wow..... Debby
by FezMac June 18, 2009
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