(n) a highly skilled or well-trained individual, expert
i am adept in many things
by Adept April 3, 2005
" I need some more adepts"
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
I saw Adept playing on Metaltown's afterparty 09!
by HaxMonkey January 26, 2010
(n) A Person possessing the intelligence, willpower, and technical knowledge to research the answers to unknown questions.
Don't worry Brad is an Adept, he'll figure it out
by coffeecodecoffeecode November 8, 2017
Very skilled or proficient in social situations.
"Children who quickly become popular tend to be more socially adept then others"
by Realrapnotes September 16, 2013
Adept Armor™ produces protective coating solutions for all fabrics, glass, and circuit boards.
I used Adept ArmorFabric Guard on my shoes.
by Adept Armor January 10, 2014
When playing a game online and there is a kid who is extremely laggy and appears to teleport from place to place.
Kid 1 - I need help i cant kill this guy

Kid 2 - Every time i shoot him he disappears!!! He is super laggy!!

Kid 1 - God damn adept fucking wizard!!!!!