A notebook containing one's personal thoughts, feelings, plans, attitudes, observations, and the like. Written in usually at frequent intervals, usually but not always kept private.
I've kept a diary since I was 7. It's fun to read later.
by bawdy January 6, 2007
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A book that you can write all your thoughts and feelings in.
You can also write evil stuff about the people you hate.
People like to read other peoples' diaries.
My cousin went mad when she found out that I read her diary.
by psycho bitch March 13, 2004
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A personal keeping/ secret of a beloved ones JUICY SECRETS!!!
'Did you read her diary, like... I never even know she was lesbian'
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A person you can trust with your secrets and just about everything.

A title
Oh Luvi that's Taylor's Diary
by Rainbow Bubbles April 11, 2016
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A recording of one's inner thoughts and emotions. A place for one to vent their emotions/thoughts on. And also, eventually a place for someone else to read and realize the past thoughts of the previous user.
Carla wrote in her diary every night, and said what she thought about everyone around her, and how her day went.
by Anndi August 30, 2003
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normally a book, that ppl write in a lot, usually private things that they dont want anyone else to read, so naturally anyone who gets their hands on it has a flick thru.
bryan read my diary. again.
by fairy nuff September 20, 2003
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