pouring out big missings
"hey i did a misuse"
"what do you mean"
"I posted a lot of miss-yous"
by Krkič January 20, 2021
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Words that have been overused so much that they practically lose their meaning or punch. The result is now the word can now be used in a much more general term which results in a death spiral for the word since the effect snowballs.
Numb nuts: I‘m LITERALLY deceased.

Person B: Do you mean figuratively? Who am I kidding, welp, gotta add it to my „Misused Words list.“
by 1kilkilkil May 15, 2019
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When a user employs email for situations that should be handled face to face; the use of email as an avoidance technique; use of email for passive-aggressive means
"John. You're a gutless jerk," wrote Jesse as she exhibited email misuse to her recipient.
by Bryan Hurlbut May 16, 2008
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Idiots who think simping is complementing someones body or asking people to stop doing something to protect their friend. The actual meaning ”A man who foolishly overvalues a woman and puts her on a pedestal.” No one put themselves to those limits.
*Megnut02 about*

Someone: It's all fun and games until she harms herself

Another person: ”Ok simpy wimpy”

Multiple people: ”Simp”

Others: ”Simp Misuser”

”Thanks for the cake Ms. Addison”

Me: ”They’re getting cake for a nut, the complete opposite of simping. Dumbass Simp Misusers”
by Suduisjdjsjdkdjisanibba April 6, 2020
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A tag on Yahoo! Answers which gives report monkeys an excuse to report questions and answers even without a legitimate reason.
Violation Notice!
You're question, "Should Communion Wafers Be Renamed Jeez-its?" has been reported for Misuse of Question and Answer Format.
by BrokenEye Unltd. March 28, 2010
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This effect happens when consumers of a product (such as DAIN App or especially Telsa Autopilot) incorrectly uses a product, and unknowingly damages the reputation of certain software or products. The most notable case is Telsa's autopilot, where people are negligent and recklessly drive and get into accidents, damaging the reputation and credibility of those consumer products from news outlets reporting on these incidents.
James: "Ugh, another case of the misused autopilot effect! I wish people would start paying more attention while driving!"
Adam: "Yeah, isn't negligent driving, like, illegal?
James: "It is. It really is."
by Jamespolation April 29, 2021
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