A sexual assignation in the parlance of predatory males.
Have I fucked Heather yet? Are you kidding? I had her in for several meatings last week alone.
by Mo Dixley December 29, 2005
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The glorious consumption of meat as a social event. Success is measured in number of animals required to fill the stomachs of participants.
"yo I want some tuna"
"fuck that jon, we're having a meating tonight"
by orangefizzlebiz January 22, 2009
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To have really gross sex. Either, with someone gross, or just doing gross things.

They meated, They were meating.
Oh my god, Ashley has been meating since middle school. What a whore.
by Chloe1111111111 March 18, 2010
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very much like an egging, but with meat, cooked or raw; usually done in a playful or violent manner amongst a group of friends or colleagues
"Hey Jim, wanna come over this weekend? We're having a meating at Brian's place."

"Sure! I'll bring the hobo meat!"
by Steven January 5, 2005
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1. Viciously slaughtering, to make meat out of someone.

2. Misspelling of the word meeting.
1. He meated her real good with his sword!

2. He was away meating his friend when an unknown assailant suddenly jumped out and stabbed him multiple times in the chest.
by kami January 13, 2004
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I went meat to meat on that chick it felt real good and warm.

I hit that girl raw man no rubber straight meat to meat
by Dilla2414 May 19, 2010
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