Someone whom has sex so often that they can no longer finish and is also an egotistical asshole.
Keith is so oversexed
by Keith C with a Z August 15, 2006
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Usually refers to men who lose the ability to carry a normal conversation with a woman because all he can think about is her genitalia, and other physical attributes, especially boobies. There is a perceivable Pavlovian response when in close proximity to any woman with at least a micro level of attractiveness. Every topic of conversation turns toward sex. They usually have an odd giggle, as they anticipate what could possibly happen sexually while you’re trying to talk to them about ordinary things, like the weather. They get a goofy, sort of dazed look in their eyes because they are imagining all the things you could do to their wiener.
Bill is oversexed because he thinks about sex nearly 20,000 times a day.
by Kellwoman September 26, 2020
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a sensation that someone brings out that exceeds rough sex
being bounced around on the trampoline by travis is oversex
by iamnotawhore November 08, 2009
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the government making people think about sexual activity through your senses to get people to spend more cash. In ancient times couples didn’t have vaginal intercourse frequently and there were no condoms.
The oversexing cost a lot of people money.
by Coop Dupe June 15, 2018
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