3 definitions by Mr Jag

When you hear this word, know that it is a word of challange for dominance in a social circle. It is the initiation word for a bout of roasting.
Oh my, it seems as if Brian is about to roast a fool."
by Mr Jag July 12, 2016
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Asking someone to calm down, especially when they are of large stature. The "hams" implied signify the large muscles.
Tod: "Hey, you filth, where did you hide my memes?"
You: "Woah, chill your hams, dude."
by Mr Jag October 3, 2016
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Being incredibly salty or irritated about sucking at a game or activity. This is different from your average brand of saltiness as the salted person will begin to get violent.
You: "Hey, why is Bob kicking that chair?"
Some plebe within earshot: "He got rekt in smash bros.,"
You: "Ahh, I knew he seemed heavily salted."
by Mr Jag October 3, 2016
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