1. My brother, Leroy, possesses a lot of debt.

2. I can't get caught in possession, because my brother, Leroy, possesses the stolen goods, yo.
by Evuh June 21, 2005
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Being obsessed with someone or something to an extreme circumstance
Anna Blount is the most possessive.
by ebrown13 August 11, 2020
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The act of ownership, or owning something.
Richard: "I own this joint, because I payed for it, that's how possession works. Welcome to basis of free trade."
by Incognitoyou'regay June 22, 2009
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Oh golly gee! It’s so weird! He treats all of the people who do this think like they’re the same person! Like they’re possessed by a some kind of ideology!
Hym “Oh gosh golly bujesus! Why is he treating all of them like they’re possessed by an ideology!? God, I’m going to need a couple dozen PhDs to figure this one out!”
by Hym Iam October 22, 2022
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The original death metal band. Formed in San Francisco in 1983, known for popularizing the upside-down cross motif. Heavily influenced a lot of heavy metal bands inluding Slayer and Venom. Broke up in 1993.
by matt January 25, 2005
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A member of the UK hip hop group "Rhyme Asylum".

He is most known for his participation in the 06 Jump Off "World Rap Championships", during which he and his partner "Whashisface" (AKA Reine) progressed through to the final stage in Los Vegas, but lost to Los Angeles rappers "Illmaculate" and "Thesaurus".

His verses have a reputation for outstanding lyrical content, creative wordplay and hard-hitting punchlines, a prime example of this being the song "Poisonous Penmanship" of the album "State Of Lunacy". Examples of his lyrical ability (though no single bar can do him justice) are:

"We unattractive ferocious creatures,
I got master degree burns After a heat stroke of genius,"
-Poison Penmanship (State Of Lunacy)

"Behead the king and the queen
Lootin Tutin Karmoons tomb on a get rich quick pyramid scheeme"
-Victory Speech (DUB)

"Rush the doors From dusk to dawn
My entourage plot on top of Scotland yard cause we above the law."
-Unreasonable ft Diabolic (State of Lunacy)

For further information, or to listen to his songs or buy his albums, visit Rhyme Asylum's myspace:

Person 1 - Damn!
Person 2 - What's up?
Person 1 - Just Listening to Poison Penmanship, Possessed is a BEAST!
Person 2 - Hell yea
by Sick Rhymes June 5, 2009
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When a spirt or a being traps themselfs in your body and controls you in weird and or scary.
Jermey looks really possessed when he’s sleeping
by The Demon Doctor November 11, 2019
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