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Verb: To be mislead or confused by your pal. To innocently not speak the truth.
You were wrong about having watermelon in the cafeteria today. Dang, I got Griffed!
by Cdmfl April 16, 2014
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adjective meaning to do something profoundly stupid to oneself. Named after professional stunt performer named Matt Griff of the late 90's early 2000's who would repeatedly get jacked up and hurt himself.
You see that dude sit on his bedpost? He just totally griffed himself!

Man, I griffed myself last night when I ate the pop rocks and coke.
by Jimmy She'Dazzle May 15, 2009
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To have someone who once held a positition of high regard lie to your face and you believe it.
Adam was listing all the things Michael had done in his life and it was obvious he had been Griffed.
by hiemlich schlonge February 21, 2010
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when a person or group of persons recklessly take advantage of a single person or group of persons for peronal gain without any regard to the detriment he or she may be causing.
"I gave Officer Griffin a short restroom break expecting her to return in a timely manner...instead she clocked out and went home!"

"DAMN...This B!tch just Griffed the hell outta me!
by That DUDE! December 07, 2012
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