A gatecrasher is a person or people the come to somebody's party unannounced and walk/force their way in, alot of the time if in a large group trash the persons home and steal things.
'Gatecrasher' though is also one of the best raves of all time with wicked laser shows.
"Yo, wanna go gatecrash that rich kids party?"
"Yeh, fo sho, we can steal us some bling bling while we there!"
"How good was gatecrasher man? It was way better than last years one"
"One of those lasers got me in the eye man, I can't see shit!"
by Matt[O] September 10, 2005
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Turning up unexpected and unwanted at a party, house or gathering, etc
Having a well cool party till these chavs gatecrashed
by Nessa April 10, 2005
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Gatecrasher One is a trance club in Sheffield, England that was born after Gatecrasher toured the country, eventually settling at what was called "The Republic" in Sheffield. Although originally a trance club, it has bowed to the mainstream and now plays cheesey shite on a Thursday that pisses trance fans of the club off a treat.

Gatecrasher Two, the second of the chain of clubs opening is born in Leeds.

Often just called "Crasher."
Hey did you go to Gatecrasher One on Tuesday? It was Nu-Crasher, the only real night that plays the music that made Gatecrasher famous.
by Becks, October 28, 2005
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To "accidentally" insert your penis into a female companion's anus during vaginal intercourse. Often performed during doggie style
Mike F: What happened to that sidepiece you were seeing?

Ty: We broke up. I totally gatecrashed her the other day and she wasn't having it. She didn't believe it was an accident.
by bizarro_stormy April 12, 2010
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