A person that breaks off the relationship twice, and still expects you to come back to their selfish ass.
Allie's exboyfriend was a real jerk.
by Hackley February 21, 2006
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someone who makes you fall so hard for them then let you go because they like hurting people. or they just love the feeling of you being hurt. or they want to see you upset. this can be an ex boyfriend, a friend, a sibling, a relative, or a teacher
wow that kid over there hurt her he is such a jerk
by stephanieshae January 16, 2018
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A person who does not use their turn signal.
Someone is driving and has to turn left but doesn't signal "you jerk!"
by A. E. Whitman February 25, 2007
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Is what Ry Bleckel is when you date him and text him ily. He'll get pissed and say that you don't have a right to tell him you love him because you barely know him. Even though you've known eachother for about a year and are actually in a relationship. Then believe it or not, he'll break up with you right after and block you on all social media accounts. All because of a text message "ily."
Ex-girlfriend: "Did you hear about what Ry did last night?"
Friend: "Yes! He is such a jerk."
by Hawaii.x.bae May 12, 2015
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a mean person. someone who makes you frustrated and angry. so you call the person who is mean a jerk
james was being such a jerk when we were fighting. therefore, i called him a jerk.
by ALI! January 02, 2006
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1. Final stage of evolution of any male who spent at least one year dating in America, no matter his origin
2. Mandatory mindset for self-survival within corporate America
3. At this point of no return, group synonym for an elusive + cocky + self-confident + self-centered + loud + crazy male
4. A guy that doesn’t give a flyin’ fuck about anything else but his handsome allure and annoying success.
5. THE abusive attitude that will surely attract any girl’s love in America. For life
6. A guy that enhances any girl’s low self-esteem and insecurity without meaning it. Then gets blamed for it.
7. A guy that does not return any “I love you” s but keeps smiling at his girl’s face until she melts down and asks for more of that shit :)
8. Every bitches’ openly discussed concern. Yet every bitches’ secret love.
9. A challenge aka any girl’s biggest turn-on.
10. A bitch with a dick.
“Oh my God, Tyler is such a jerk to me {tears} He treats me like shit {collapses} I love him though {go figure}”

“Tyler earned twice my bonus this year and makes me realize what a sorry loser I am. He is such a jerk”
by rafaleracer February 28, 2006
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A guy who gets a girl drunk and then takes advantage of her. Then the next day she is really sad about it and regretted what she did. Knowing that he still is proud of himself and brags to everyone he knows about what he did.
Luc is telling everyone what an ass he is. He's such a jerk.
by Marie April 19, 2005
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