1.) Noun. Used to identify a living creature being hunted for food/sport by another living creature called the predator.

2.) Verb. To prey on something. To hunt for food/sport.

3.) The plural of lawyers. Describing a group of three or more.
1.) The mouse is the prey of the snake.

2.) The snake preys on its food, the mouse.

3.) Bystander: Holy shit, a prey of lawyers! Where's my Remington Pump Action??
by kwashia March 29, 2005
a younger man who makes his fondness for older women known; also cougar bait, or a younger man who becomes interested in a cougar after being with one.
That cutie Scott is just prey to that cougar Jen!
by cougs n prey May 21, 2009
1. Something desirable in nature; 2. Cool, awesome, good, great, hot.
"That new red ferrari is prey!"
"Check her out, she is prey as it gets."
by circa 1-2-11 TDL January 3, 2011
The war between predator and prey is a vicious one. One example is cat and mouse.
by RedRabbit1987 March 4, 2019
"one that is HELPLESS or UNABLE to resist attack"
Ken and Judy prey on Vincent.
by muahahahahahahahahahaha July 11, 2008
The Devil preys on those weak in spirit, so we must always be courageous! This is an English saying about the importance of personal strength.
The Devil preys on those weak in spirit!
by I, Wreckerrr December 14, 2020
A preying mantis is a woman who, while orally pleasuring a man, bites the head of the penis right when the man is about to cum, much like the female insect (preying mantis) will eat her mate after the reproduction process.
Guy 1: Dude why is there blood on your pants?
Guy 2: Because that bitch is a preying mantis, she bit the head of my dick!
by Layssiege February 10, 2010