Griff: Noun/ Verb. To make an Irrational decision in the spare of the moment that others just do not understand. It is usually done by an “Aaron” and in no way is it a Common decision it is quite the opposite. Pretty much you do the opposite of what anyone else would do. After you Griff up you say “WOW” and “Sir” and move on to your next Griff Moment.
Well Aaron Griffed up the other day. He said Spectrum encouraged him to take work off so he called in on Tuesday so he could go back to Horsepasture; the next day he went back to work they Fired Him. I guess he really Griffed up this time!
by Mr.Love13 July 24, 2023
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A large, testosterone fuled, bear like, porn star. Usualy blessed with a penis exceeding 11"
by Christoph Le Boofe May 10, 2007
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verb. - To totally and completely annhilate the opposing team in a videogame by only using your knife or melee attack

noun. - a fat person who enjoys eating Oreo cookies
Whoa! that guy just got griffed!!!

Look at that griff buying tons of oreos! What a fatass!
by IRONMANZ28 January 15, 2010
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One who has "music ADD"
-Look at that Griff. Ten minutes ago he was singing The Clash, then Warrent, and now Ok Go.
by robot_chicken37 December 3, 2006
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A variation of the root word biff, however, a griff is a grundle biff, where someone takes a leap of faith, lands on their grundle and falls to their doom.
I was about to score, but griffed hard.
by DJ Doo Doo Brown September 17, 2009
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A Shitty Trickshotter who has terrible reactions and is a tarantuala fucker
by Jake Grier June 27, 2012
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