A large, testosterone fuled, bear like, porn star. Usualy blessed with a penis exceeding 11"
by Christoph Le Boofe May 10, 2007
verb. - To totally and completely annhilate the opposing team in a videogame by only using your knife or melee attack

noun. - a fat person who enjoys eating Oreo cookies
Whoa! that guy just got griffed!!!

Look at that griff buying tons of oreos! What a fatass!
by IRONMANZ28 January 15, 2010
One who has "music ADD"
-Look at that Griff. Ten minutes ago he was singing The Clash, then Warrent, and now Ok Go.
by robot_chicken37 December 3, 2006
A variation of the root word biff, however, a griff is a grundle biff, where someone takes a leap of faith, lands on their grundle and falls to their doom.
I was about to score, but griffed hard.
by DJ Doo Doo Brown September 17, 2009
A Shitty Trickshotter who has terrible reactions and is a tarantuala fucker
by Jake Grier June 27, 2012
A substitute for any sexual or provocative verb. Can be used for anything from dancing to the act of sex itself. The love muscle is most often used when "Griffing." It can also be used as an expression of anger towards one acting like a dickhead.
I can tell that your love muscle got a real nice strong Griff!

I juust wanna Griff yo body!

Dude she Griffed me soo hard last night!

If you try and Griff me again I will slap you silly!

I'm gonna Griff your ass SO hard!

She was so hot I Griffed like 4 times.
by Griffazoid June 2, 2011