i'ts a fruit and don't act like you all don't know this
The watermelon fell out of the fridge and onto the kitchen floor because someone did not put it back right, and it rolls.
by I Survived November 27, 2016
kate: *eats watermelon*
megan: wtf is that

kate: how the fu-
by frinarii January 31, 2019
According to Craigslist, a term used in Washington DC to describe liberals.
A liberal is green on the outside, red on the inside, in short a watermelon.
by builderbob58 August 7, 2019
watermelon is a sweet, juicy delicious summer fruit that many people love! its great on hot days, and it is the BEST fruit ever
watermelon is so sweet i could have it everyday!
by someone8959 July 7, 2014
A large red fruit often eaten by people in warm climates. Has a red flesh sometimes with seeds and a deep green rind.
I just bought a watermelon from the store today.
by A young man November 26, 2013
A communist who try's to underhandedly impose/insert their communist ideology by wrapping it up in environmentalism.
Greta Thunberg is a watermelon. The founder of Extinction Rebellion is a water melon.
by Trothunter June 20, 2020
Jason: Are you hungry?
DeAndre: Hell yeah
Jason: What do you want?
DeAndre: Watermelon
by coolblackman1004 January 19, 2020