The crappiest piece of shit ever. Just another excuse for teachers to ruin your hopes and dreams even more. If your teachers find goguardian, smash your device.
Goguardian danger if you see it on your device, run.
by Bonehead5000 February 25, 2020
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One of the worst fucking extensions you can ever have. Normally used in a school environment. Restricts people from random websites for no reason and is just a pain in the ass overall.
I can't read this article because GoGuardian won't let me. Fuck this shit
by ttricksyz May 30, 2020
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Something that sucks. It does many bad things:
1. Blocks Sites
2. Blocks Extensions
3. Blocks Apps
4. Blocks Games
5. It is torture
6. It blocks Urban Dictionary (Yeah I am using a different account)
7. Teachers get mad when you are not on GoGuardian
8. Students just think of "Get that thing away right now!"
9. It is 99.99% s***
10. Wow 10 reasons! And yet, ALL of them give me a heart attack.
11. Some settings are controlled
12. Teachers can see your devices during class (I wouldn't say that is bad but still...
13. Sometimes in my school, GoGuardian is called GG, which stands for "good game." But I think it stands for "Good Grief," or maybe "Giving Gastroenteritis." Yeah, the last one sounds better. GoGuardian gives people Gastroenteritis. So why do administrators use it? Because it gives Gastroenteritis.

Fortunately, there are some BYPASSING strategies:
1. Go to extensions, and REMOVE EXTENSION.
If that button doesn't appear,
2. Turn the extension off.
If that doesn't work,
3. Search up the website you are looking for. Click "cached."
If the web cache site is blocked, then... keep reading.
Bad news, if you are still reading here to see ways to bypass GoGuardian, you have reached the ways I DID NOT FIGURE OUT BY ONE MONTH.
4. An amazing site! lets you bypass many site.
Now, if this gets blocked, you are unlucky.
Person A from State X: Let's go play this game together!
Person B from State Y: GoGuardian!!! >:(
by PenguinedPsyduck0xq0 April 7, 2021
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Shit extension where students of every grade basically face dictatorship and anti privacy. Unless you have a phone and you're hiding it from your teacher, goguardian will prevent you from doing shit.

Similar to Securly, teachers can block websites, but thats not all. With goguardian, teachers can see what tab your on. Not only that, they can see ALL OF YOUR FUCKING TABS and what you've recently viewed after school. So not only are you not safe in school, you're being invaded of privacy outside of school. Nobody wants your damn teacher staring at you for all day and night. This extension is awful, teachers just shouldnt use it, just go use Securly or Securely, however the fuck you spell it.

Goguardian can also ban you from searching shit, and lock your screen, preventing you from doing anything. Teachers can use this to be a dictator.

You can pretend you're doing work but you're actually on your phone. but if you're idle for like 10 seconds, the teacher will catch you.
Person 1: hey lets watch youtube.
Person 2: yeah sure.
Person 1: dude the teacher sucks.
Person 2: yeah i know, i wish the principal didnt actually find out about this shit extension GoGuardian, it should be called ShitGuardian.
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The world's worst extension that you can possibly get at the Chrome Web Store. It's just a fucking dipshit-like piece of crappy-ass bullshit that literally blocks any website that you can possibly think of. You can bypass it, but that doesn't matter, since this hellish motherfucking monstrosity of a extension shit act like an asshole who has no soul, no heart. Crushes your dreams for absolutely no fucking reason. It's just a cunt who is created by 3 Satan-like people known as Advait Shinde, Aza Steel, and R. Todd Mackey. This bitchass cunt is by far the worst thing anybody has ever created for a computer. It is mostly used at schools (aka learning prisons) that look at your screen for the rest of the school day, like a fucking FBI spy. If someone said you can get rid of anything you want to get rid of, then one of those things would be GoGuardian. Without that fucking hellish mess, then we would be in peace. This peace of crappy-ass motherfucking bullshit better not exist in the future, because if it does exist, everyone who is reading this has to smash their device. Make sure the teacher leaves, because if they do, get to their computer and uninstall this crap.
Person One: "Hey, why didn't you finished your homework?"
Person Two: "GoGuardian."
by Klojhgfcvbn March 18, 2022
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A chrome extension that enables 1984 mode
Teachers, stop being China/North Korea wannabes and stop using GoGuardian
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 6, 2022
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(For Teachers:) It is an excellent piece of software to monitor students and ensures they aren't on any shifty sites.

(For Students:) It's a piece of spyware that teachers us to spy on us whenever they want and block whatever they want, even stupid random stuff that's used FOR education
My teacher was on GoGuardian till 4:00 last night and closed all my tabs.
by Names Are Hard 0 December 28, 2022
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