when u bout to get an ass whoopin as your dad comes down the stairs with a belt
i walked in the door and as soon as my parents told me m your teacher called i ran for my life
by michaelphelpsgold February 7, 2017
On November your gonna be able to roast your teachers and professors get ready
Student: Omg it's finally Roast your teacher month
Teacher: This month is gonna be bad for me
by School is the worst November 2, 2020
On December 3, you may kill all teachers that have caused you trouble this year.
National Kill Your Teacher Day, THEY WILL ALL DIE!
by Shooter of Schools December 3, 2021
(November 20th)- On this day you have now have permisson, by me, to (call your teacher mom)!
(Student) - "Hey, Mom!"
(Teacher) - "Detention!!"
(Student) - "But its November 20th! (Call your teacher "mom") day!"
(Teacher) - "Im sorry, I must have been mistaken! No detention today!"
by Heh, im better than you November 13, 2019
on the 18th of november till the 24th of november you call your teacher by their first name
call your teacher by their first name week the you call your teacher by their first name
by doctor jeffrey November 15, 2019