22 definitions by Bonehead5000

A peaceful thing that will take over your yard
What you got against a dang leaf, boi?
by Bonehead5000 April 20, 2020
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If you find this guy on ps4 pls bully him. He is very toxic and annoying and he blocked me so I was hoping that the whole world will bully him.
by Bonehead5000 July 8, 2020
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Weird stories about either a girl that can't keep her legs closed or someone that nukes their grandma's house because she didn't give them an extra cookie
My Story Animated is weird
by Bonehead5000 September 1, 2020
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When you think of this of this man, a few things will come to mind. Legendary ineptitude, interceptions, terrible, "why is this guy in the league?" Honestly, I could go on but that would be insulting the power of this proud meme.
Nathan Peterman has thrown 5 interceptions today. What an achievement!
by Bonehead5000 April 24, 2020
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Those retards who like to blow up your house
by Bonehead5000 February 24, 2020
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Something you can't say if you're white. I am white, that is why I did not type this in. Even though I did, I don't regret it.
My neighbor can say the n word because he is poiple
by Bonehead5000 February 25, 2020
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The crappiest piece of shit ever. Just another excuse for teachers to ruin your hopes and dreams even more. If your teachers find goguardian, smash your device.
Goguardian danger if you see it on your device, run.
by Bonehead5000 February 25, 2020
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