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The thing schools love to give us to prevent us from having any more than 1 planck time of free time at home not spent on stuff that's actually fun.

It also used to be a form of punishment, but they decided to say "let's fuck the students and force them into a constant 4 hour of sleep therefore shortening their lifespan to 30 years but paahhhh they'll be long done by the time they're dead so".
"Istg I should be glad I'm not in Minecraft because I'd be killed by Phantoms by the time I finish 10% of my homework. Thanks school very cool."
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 6, 2022
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A fictional restaurant from a fictional TV show that somehow has a real life restaurant named after it.
"I found out that there's a real life restaurant named Los Pollos Hermanos."

"No way. We should go check it out. I sure hope there's no drugs in the food there."
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 19, 2022
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1) A famous Austrian painter who then went on and become leader of Germany and start WWII after being rejected from art school. He also had a book called "Mein Kampf".

2) Adolf Hitler Uunona, a random politician in Nambia.
"There's a politician in Nambia named Adolf Hitler. That's such an unfortunate name to have in this timeline. Also BTW did you know that one Nazi leader was also a painter? He also had a book."
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 7, 2022
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Creator of the RTX 9834789158462134873218546873456281394632198746329875657518792348912369874623975634987513264879531425090 Ti
Why doesn't NVIDIA make CPUs?
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 2, 2022
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A YouTuber who gained infamy for making fun of other people's deaths, and unfortunately, that's just his more minor offense.

His more serious offense is calling deep-web-level animal abuse "funny", and when another content creator who talks about terrible YouTubers went in his discord server to confront him, Foodistzen and his fans all sent animal abuse videos in that poor person's DMs.
You know that Foodistzen's fucked up when him making fun of other people's deaths is considered a relatively negligible offense of his. At least Braso (most likely) doesn't find animal abuse funny.
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 21, 2022
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Random deceased civil rights activist that owned a gas station.

USED to be a KKK leader.

P.S. Don't read his first 2 initials

worst mistake of my life
C.P. Ellis. What a nice redeemed white man who totally doesn't have any suspicious initials
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 20, 2022
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