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Germane is the best person in the group. He is usually the weirdest and dumbest but everyone loves him for it. He is a very sporty person, can play any sport professionally with training. He can be considered a nerd and can be dark-skinned. He has short black hair and can get a girlfriend pretty easily. Everyone knows him. He is very caring, kind, sweet, supportive and a very good friend to have. He'll talk to you through the problems, and he won't stop until he has made you happy and satisfied.
Girl 1: Is that Germane
Girl 2: Yeah, he's my boyfriend. He is very caring.
Girl 1: You are so lucky.
by BYour Mom August 20, 2020
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Probably the most dangerous chemical in the world (worse than nitroglycerin) because it has a blue 4, red 4, and a yellow 3. (extremely flammable, fatal if swallowed or inhaled, serious reactivity.)
Germane is the most dangerous chemical in the world.
by general longwong August 28, 2006
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