The country Hitler wasn't born in.
Guy 1: Hey, do you know where Hitler was born?

Guy 2: Not Germany.

Guy 1: k.
by Wingman, 1st Degree June 4, 2006
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The country that responsible for 2 world wars
Hey dude did you know germany caused 2 worlds wars . Yea dude I ain't an idiot
by Amovile September 13, 2022
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The country where Germs come from. Needless to say, it is full of Germs.
"That toilet seat has more Germs than the entire country of Germany! It hasn't been cleaned in so long, I wouldn't be surprised seeing Oktoberfest on it right about now!"
by Mr. KokoPudgeFudge March 27, 2023
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The only Western Democracy with brains enough to ban Scientology as a religion and put them under perpetual state surveillance.
Germany knew from bitter experience that a malevolent organization like Scientology had to be stopped!
by Anonymous Anthropologist August 12, 2008
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Hell, literally the place where dreams go to die
Scunthorpe is almost as bad as Germany
by Jamie janson February 18, 2023
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The most amazing country on Earth. Take this from me, an American who was lucky enough to live there for 5 awesome years. Germany is a country that has taken a total 360 since 1945. Germany is the democracy that America claims to be. Americans who constantly down-talk Germany and Germans for their errors in the past are very ignorant. It is a peaceful country rich in culture and history. Germans are hard-shelled people on the outside, however, they are very respectful and good-natured on the inside. They have a knack for things being done the RIGHT way(Alles in Ordnung!) They appreciate the finer things in life such as art, music, history, family and friends. Germans are wonderful and privacy-respecting neighbors, enviornment friendly, great scholars, artists and engineers. Even as a very populous country, it is still very clean and absolutely beautiful. Plenty to see and do, and home to the the most awesome and functional highway system in the world. Das autobahn. Deutschland is geil,mann.
Elementary school teacher: What's the greatest country in the world?

Kids: America!

Me: Wrong. GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!
by JukeJointJezebel July 12, 2006
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