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–verb (used without object)

1. to talk informally with another or others; exchange views, opinions, etc., by talking.

2. Archaic. to maintain a familiar association (usually fol. by with).

3. Obsolete. to have sexual intercourse (usually fol. by with).

–noun 4. familiar discourse or talk; conversation.
It is difficult to converse with people who do not speak your language.
by Intelligent One!!!!!!!!! May 19, 2009
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When people say converse they are usually referring to Chuck Taylors or chucks which are most likely the most popular style of converse shoes. And yes my dad likes to tell those fascinating stories of how he wore them when he played basketball in highschool, often he uses visual aids(his highschool basketball team picture where everyone on the team is wearing said shoe) to illustrate this point. Yes, very cool dad. Then he regales us with stories of how he had a pair in every off the wall color and they were only ten bucks @ Yellowfront (some ancient sporting goods store). All very fascinating. Nowadays these glorious shoes are being worn by all types of people, but I wont even try to name all the "categories" of people that wear them because that's lame. Classification sucks major ass. Anyway, don't give a shit what anyone says about you wearing the damn shoes. If you like something wear it. That should be the only reason to do anything at all anyway. So whether someone says your cool for wearing them or they tell you that you have no right to do so, just tell them to FUCK OFF! because you couldn't care less what they think! Or you could just ignore them and walk away which is often to better effect.
Lame person: "Hey you can't wear converse, those shoes are strictly for .....(insert lame ass classification)."

You in your fine ass kicks: "Get a life." (turn your back on lame person and walk away)
by jdaddict June 22, 2006
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When basketball first came out this is what they were made for
they are the original basketball shoe
guy1:ay man were gonna go play basketball go get ya shoes
guy2:ok *gets out converses*
guy1:what the hell are those why r u wearin those emo shoes
guy2:oh you have so much to learn my friend
by fox_trot June 23, 2009
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rubber and canvas shoes that have become a trend. often seen in many colours and patterns. can now get fakes for a 5th of the price. people often change the laces ands put beads on and write things on the rubber parts.
trendy people hated the alternatives wearing them a year later they have 3 pairs
dont wear them in the rain or they tend to go squeak squeak
by Stephanie Dawn August 01, 2005
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Shut the fuck up. Converse are amazing, always have been and always will be, no matter who wears them. If you pricks actually stop wearing a brand of shoes because "preps" have started wearing them, you're a pathetic piece of shit and should be shot immediately.

Converse are canvas shoes that were popular in the 1980's. In the past few years they have become more popular again. You can buy them in low or high top, and in any color or design. You can personalize them by putting in your own shoelaces and writing on them in permanent marker.
Converse owns yo bitch asses. YEAH NIGS.
by kkkkate rocks it October 02, 2005
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A term used by people who don't realise that the word 'Converse', when referring to the brand of sneakers, cannot be made plural. For example, one would say "I have lots of pairs of Converse sneakers" rather than "I have lots of pairs of Converses".
Don't use the word "converses", please.
by MissJosephine April 14, 2006
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A brand of sneaker made out of rubber and canvas materials. Come in a large variety of designs and colors to choose from. They've set a trend for the younger crowds today. Mainly girls. They're also quite popular in other countries in the world such as asia. Many people love to wear the crap out of their converses for years and years until the soles are completely bald and the materials are coming apart. They also customize their sneakers by writing on them with markers and adding thicker laces.
I just bought a new pair of converses today. I cant wait to get them all dirty, smelly and beat up like my last pair.
by lyn86 September 03, 2006
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