When someone sells ideas/things to young females who use Instagram. These ideas/things become mainstream trends that young females post to their Instagrams.
Kim Kardashian is a purveyor of posting food on Instagram.
by sharris1 March 3, 2016
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A mediocre public relations practicioner with average abilities who projects himself/herself as an expert and somehow gets away with it by hiding behind a huge table in a small office.
Pardon me but you will stop kissing asses from this day forward you perceptions purveyor of a writer!

Just do your job and stop fancying yourself a perceptions purveyor, it reeks of dishonesty, malintent and ambiguity.

Her well crafted article was so nice if it weren't for the by-line which makes it obviously written by a perceptions purveyor.
by El Morbo April 11, 2007
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