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1. To be or get in the way of.
2. To obstruct or delay the progress of.
I hate red lights, they always hinder me as I'm on my way to work.
by major.bobjackson July 28, 2009
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Another reason why I gave up listening to most modern rock. Think Nickelback to the second power. Austin Winkler is what happens when you put Chad Kroeger and give him some helium. The music is your generic and formulatic three cord rock that's too predictable. Most of its fanbase consists of NASCAR fans, right wing hicks, and Pabst Blue Ribbon drinkers.
Radio DJ: "Up next, we're going to play 'Lips of an Angel' by Nickelback...shit, I mean, Default, damnit, what's that band called again? Oh yeah, Hinder. Actually, fuck that shitty music, it all sounds the same. Let's play Soundgarden instead, at least they had some creativity."
by Deathgrind > you October 03, 2007
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A band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Commonly known for establishing the genre of "Dude-Rock". Better for fans of high fives then that of music. Loved by Punk-asses around the United States.
"Yo man Hinder is awesome man, high five yeah!"

by Surisis August 08, 2006
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Sweat that forms around the top of one's ass crack. This sweat is uncomfortable and unsightly. Named after the crappy band, Hinder.
Last night while listening to some awful band, my ass crack formed an ocean of hinder.
by Fozter December 28, 2008
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a.."rock" band that isn't making rock better. they're just making frat parties worse.
Imagine if nickelback came really really really late to the grunge party and you have what hinder's all about.
by kindakorny August 08, 2008
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