1. To be or get in the way of.
2. To obstruct or delay the progress of.
I hate red lights, they always hinder me as I'm on my way to work.
by major.bobjackson July 29, 2009
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A band worse than Nickelback, and that's saying a lot.
After learning about Hinder and listening to them, I forgave Nickelback.
by david smith, jr. February 22, 2008
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sweat that formes above your ass crack
sweat on ur ass crack is called called hinder
by aaron and andy February 7, 2008
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a.."rock" band that isn't making rock better. they're just making frat parties worse.
Imagine if nickelback came really really really late to the grunge party and you have what hinder's all about.
by kindakorny August 8, 2008
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Hinder,... God I fell sorry for them. If it wasn't for the raido i'm sure people wouldn't hate them so much. They make alright music, but it gets old WAY fast...

Not much more to say.

They dont suck balls like nickelback.
Guy 1: Heard "lips of an angel yet"
Guy 2: Are you fucking joking? The raido plays that song OUT!

Guy 1: yea, I fell sorry for hinder.
by nbmmr2 November 9, 2006
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a band from the West coast of Scotland that make really good noise
check oot hinder . vze . com its the place to be!
by SanJ Street August 3, 2003
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