Johnny is the best one in all of his dumb class. He is the dumbest
by heythewhat January 27, 2012
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Late night at a strip club, after a few drinks....

Chody: "Dude what if your sister quit college to become a stripper here?"

Fat Cobe: "Man, I would beat her ass"

Chody: "Yeah, that would be the fuckest dumbest thing she ever did"

Fat Cobe: "Did you just say fuckest dumbest?"

Chody: "Hahaha, yeah I did, I meant fucking dumbest"
by niggerama January 26, 2008
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a juvenile rhino that is incredibly stupid. It has a distictive call and dress sense. it tends to wear burton clothing.
The dumbest rhino call is: MOOOOOOOOO!
by Golden Jewberwilly May 9, 2003
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A book of generalizations of the Millennial generation in the United States. Or more specifically, a book about a rise in ignorance and narcissism in society, pinned solely on the Millennial generation. While some parts of the book are informative in terms of digital learning, much of it's just a rant consisting of "Kids these days don't think like I do, therefore they're dumb."
If you want to see the train wreck that is "The Dumbest Generation" for yourself, and it's available at your local library, borrow it. Don't buy it, it's worth about as much as the Zimbabwean dollar circa 2008.
by Goody Pfeffernusse January 19, 2012
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Humans: Man the world is fucked up I wonder who did this?

Other Human: Man the human race is the dumbest species on this planet
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