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She's hard working, strong and beautiful inside and out. She's mature and makes the right decisions to help out herself and everyone around her. She is trust worthy, a great friend, supportive and caring. She loves like no other, you won't regret having her. She'll stay faithful and true, she's all a guy would want in a girl. But she's definitely not stupid and knows all the games and tricks, when she loves someone, she loves them, you don't wanna take her for granted. Break her heart, she'll walk away and leave you. She's friendly and only shows love to the ones that mean something to her.
Gena is a great person, friend, girlfriend, caring, strong, good worker,
by Hahahahahalmfaox3 October 03, 2011
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One who is all knowing and all satisfying. Much more can discribe her than a name like Daniel. She is truley the alpha and omega, because she is Gena...and a WOMAN. Dont need to say more than she is truley the shit.
I am lucky to know a girl named Gena....and blessed.
by ABYANOYMOUS July 09, 2011
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A Russian crocodile who plays the garmon (or garmoshka, a type of accordion). He has a little furry friend named Cheburashka.
Gena sings and plays his garmon:

And I'm playing,
my garmoshka,
I am playing,
loud and clear

It's a pity
that one's birthday
comes but once
a year.
by TarkanAttila22 October 13, 2010
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A hot skinny sexy italian Girl! she is a woman of the people That is literally what it means i looked it up!!
that hot ass She is soo a Gena!!
by yekcij February 07, 2008
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the hottest piece of ass at Holy Child...every guy wants her but only i have her...she's my bitch to the max and gives great...well you know, especially when she's drunk hahaha my little blunt whore i love you and won't leave you until a hotter piece of ass comes along (which...doesn't exist)
hotguy1: damn who's that hot drunk over there
hotguy2:that has to be gena cause no one else looks that sexy drunk
hotguy1: damn lets gang bang her
hotguy2: too bad her man is a sexy piece of arse that can beat both of us to the ground
by Ernie March 12, 2005
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Def 1. The alpha, the omega, the creator
Def 2. Manbearpig (or somebody that has a bush of hair over their whole body.
Def 3: One possessing the "gena penis aka gena chode."
Def 4: Term for extremely over possessive dad who moniters son's internet and wire taps their room for as much privacy invasion as possible.
Def 5: One using otb terms and making sarcastic jokes while thinking they are being funny while in reality sounding stupid.
def 6: sneaking into young virgin son's room and stealing his anal viginity night after night.
Gena(verb)aka Gena'd
def 1: having your internet shut off by gena at random times
def 2: gettin called over from across the room and verbally abused for absolutely nothing.
def 3: stealing 8 year old daughter's friend's cellphone and tryin to test it by making wierd repetitive noises.
1. Dude I was pkin last night but I got gena'd and lost connection.
3. I was tryin to jerk off, but Gena was monitering my computer.
4. Lmao John has a gena penis!
5. My little sister's phone went missing and when I picked her up from her friend's house, there was a guy saying RAZ RAZ RAZ RAZ RAZ DVA TREEE
by Ginogina February 26, 2007
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