When you hitting it from the back and givin that A1 dick that fire dick
I told that hoe to come over so I can break her back
by Tryme116 January 4, 2018
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Typically used with the preceeding pronoun "her", a metaphor used when having sex/nailing/fucking a girl (commonly referred to as a slut, hoe or bitch) so vigorously that you could visualize splitting her in half up the centre (or up the back, respectively). Usually referring to a slim tall girl, or a cute, tiny petite one.

Often used in the degrading sense by a male among his peers to raise his esteem.
"I picked up the hottest slut at the bar last weekend: she was blonde, fit body, tight ass; the works. We're going out for drinks tonight :D.... I cant wait to take that bitch home and break her in half!"
by Darius69 July 10, 2006
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grindin'dirty dancingdry sex
When a boy and girl grind on eachother, the girl presses her ass into the boy so she can feel his penis through their clothes. The boy pushes her head down to resemble him banging her from the back. The girl will normally shake her ass to try and arouse her partner
Erika pushed up on Danny and he put her head down and was practicly bangin her from the back.
Jack: "Damn Danny you know how to break her off."
by Dirtygurl12 September 28, 2008
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When Double tapping a girl and male or female is going mad hard
Yo you see that shorty over there I was breaking her back the other night at that double tap party
by TapGodBlock September 29, 2017
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when a girl poses in a mirror with their back very arched and their hip popping out to show off their nonexistent ass
*girl breaks her back in a mirror pic to send to bf*
bf- damn man she’s breaking her back, now i gotta expose
by limppenis69 July 6, 2018
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