A Bitch who is nosey and only cares about here xbox
You are so truley
by Swag master 12 March 9, 2016
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Either a misspelling of the word truly or a way to describe a complete and utter bitch.
Scenario 1:

Friend: He's truley an amazing guy...
Other Friend: Do you mean truly?
Friend: Oh. Yeah. That.

Scenario 2:

Friend: Ugh. That bitch is such a truley.
Other Friend: I know, right? She only cares about herself.
by rikoxhet July 31, 2018
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another way of saying "Deepest condolences, my heart goes out to you."

the expression comes from the meme How Is Babby Formed
Person 1: Today my dog died, my girlfriend dumped me, i lost over 9000 dollars in the stock market, and i accidentally my brand new car.
Person 2: I am truley sorry for your lots.
by UrbanPrick January 20, 2011
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