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A Catholic supplement to the Bible. Despite the fact that many Catholics (and Christians for that matter) rarely read the Bible, much less the catechism, BOTH books are incredibly important to understanding the Catholic faith.

It is analogous to reading the Tanakh, the Mishna, and the Talmud - which is what studious, ambitious, pious Jews do to develop their faith and be better Jews.

Similarly, reading and understanding the Bible AND the Catechism of the Catholic Church will strengthen the faith of Catholics.
All Catholics should be knowledgeable in three things: the Bible, the Catholic Catechism, and Sacred Tradition.

These three things will take us far.
by TarkanAttila22 July 15, 2010
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A formerly necessary wagon attached to the back of a train. The brake van was used to stop a train in case of an emergency (such as if a coupling had snapped, and the latter half of the train was rolling down a steep hill). On longer journeys, the brake van served as a temporary residency for the train crew.

Nowadays, most trucks (US:freightcars) are already equipped with brakes so they'll stop automatically should something go wrong. Some trains even have locomotives at both ends, further reducing the necessity of a brake van.

Synonyms: caboose(US), guard's van
*coupling snaps*

Driver: Cor! Look at that!!

*trucks rocket down a steep hill*

Fireman: I hope the guard (US: conductor) knows how to work the brake!!

Meanwhile, the guard sees a train coming, and he cranks the brake handle like mad. We see sequences of footage as the train and the brake van get closer and closer.

The guard, seeing his whole life flash before his eyes, shuts his eyes and waits for the impending crash-

Driver 2: Oi, mate, what're you doing? Gonna rub noses with our train for the day or what?

The guard notices he's still alive.

Guard: *wipes forehead* Phew! Thank God we had a brake van; this could have been quite nasty!
by TarkanAttila22 December 31, 2009
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In English, a man's name meaning "a patrician, or a noble".

Some folks name their kids Patrick because of their Irish background, or after Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Patricks range from the super athletic (such as Patrick Eaves) to the theatrical elite (such as Patrick Swayze) to great political thinkers (such as Patrick Pearse).

Patrick can be shortened to Pat and Paddy, and can be feminized as Patty, Pat, or Patricia. There are over three dozen different translations for the name.

Patrick is an iconic name for the Irish people, especially the Irish men, though Russians, Dutchmen, and others who aren't necesarily Irish or Irish-related have been named Patrick, too.

Interestingly, the accredited source of the name, Saint Patrick, wasn't Irish at all! He was actually a Roman citizen of Britain.
There have been several PATRICKs throughout history. Saint Patrick was a great Scottish missionary, Patrick Pearse wrote plays and supported the Easter Rising, and Paddy Bradley's an Irish footballer.

As for me, Patrick, I hope to become a great actor and singer. Maybe even a writer or director.
by TarkanAttila22 August 18, 2009
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SSAD is an acronym for "same-sex attraction disorder". In olden times - before common sense became a precious commodity - this is what doctors and psychologists used to diagnose anyone who, instead of having the natural inclination to procreate with a member of the opposite sex, had a sexual attraction to one of his or her own sex.

Among modern secular society, SSAD has fallen into disuse, as the mental state it describes is considered "normal" among the secular world. (Although, on a side note, many things once considered crude, lewd, and despicable are now considered "normal" in the modern secular world.)

Many Christian groups still consider same-sex attractions a disorder. Some even make attempts to fix SSAD. Almost all Christians, however, declare that while SSA is a disorder, and sodomy a sin, we must "love the sinner and hate the sin".
If the first humans had had SSAD from the beginning, it is unlikely that any of us would be alive.

SSAD is a disorder because it is a disorder. It is not normal for a man to want to try to procreate with another man - for two men do not have enough eggs between them to procreate! Nor do two women have even a single sperm between them to fertilize their eggs.

Even if SSAD is genetic, it is still abnormal and counterproductive to the natural reproduction of human species. For no species can continue existing without having a desire to procreate, and SSAD is averse to this most natural desire of all animals.
by TarkanAttila22 October 26, 2011
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A beautiful, dark green island off of the coast of Britain which contains the following:

* Cattle and god Irish beef
* Sheep and good ole Irish wool
* Roman Catholics
* Award winning football teams
* Hurling (an Irish sport a tad like lacrosse)
* Catholics and Catholic churches
* A historical industry of potato farming and proud, strong Irishmen
* A modern industry in computer technology
* An immortal history in alcohol
* Catholics, Catholic priests, Catholic nuns
* The world's most recognised Catholic Saint, Saint Patrick
* A bitter history with Britain starting in the 1200s or so and continuing, possibly to this very day, including:

* The Norman conquests

* The Tudor reconquests and oppression

* The rebellions and the Penal Laws

* The Easter Rising of 1915

* Bloody Sunday 1971

* The Hunger Strike of 1981

* and all of the fighting, death, and protests made before, in between and after
* Catholic politicians who want a completely free Ireland
* Protestant politicians wanting Ireland to be in Union with Britain
* Drunkies in the public houses who couldn't care less
* Speaking of pubs, Guinness

And did I mention they're 80 percent Catholic?
Ireland is the greenest country on Earth. Many a great person came from Ireland and spread the Irish spirit of hospitality, generosity, and humour to the shores of the nations. Truly, this country is a blessing to the world.

And most of them are Catholic, too.
by TarkanAttila22 May 03, 2010
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A Russian crocodile who plays the garmon (or garmoshka, a type of accordion). He has a little furry friend named Cheburashka.
Gena sings and plays his garmon:

And I'm playing,
my garmoshka,
I am playing,
loud and clear

It's a pity
that one's birthday
comes but once
a year.
by TarkanAttila22 October 13, 2010
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Obsessive devotion combined with thoroughly invasive attempts to convert people to whatever is being devoted to.

Devotion alone is not harmful. Teaching people about one's devotions or beliefs isn't harmful.

But people are completely out-of-line when they force people into unwilling bondage with the threat of death.

Usually, fanaticism is driven by power-hunger, corruption given by power, the strong desire to be considered right, misinterpretation of religious texts or other manifestos and documents, and/or insanity.

It's not often monetarily driven. That problem is usually called greed, an obsession with money. (Which I suppose might be a type of fanaticism.)
It is not belief, but fanaticism, that is the cause of many of the world's problems.

Some Christians either have a rather blasé attitude towards their faith, or they practise raving fanaticism which would be dangerous to the public at large if carried out in office. (Many Protestant churches are possesed by fanaticism.) These two stereotypes give Christianity a bad, bad, bad image that it's rather undeserving of, as most Christians are moderates, or are the blasé kind aforementioned.

Similarly, the Crusades and the Inquisitions were rather embarrassing fanatical events in history that have nothing to do with the message of Christ, but with the craze of power and being right.

Communism during the Cold War was sometimes fanaticism rooted in a state cult (like Stalinism), or in atheism. This fanaticism led to the deaths of many religious people, guilty of little to nothing else.

The fanaticism of the Ku Klux Klan led to the unwarranted deaths of many African Americans.

Nazi fanaticism killed Jews, communists, homosexuals, Catholics, and soldiers who could all have been doing something more useful than dying.

So, therefore, I believe strongly that it's not Christianity, Islam, Republicanism, Democratism, liberality, conservatism, Zionism, Judaism, capitalism, communism, socialism, dictatorship, or any other belief or circumstance which causes trouble. It is when these things hold too much influence over our lives and cause us to do horrible things. Or, fanaticism.
by TarkanAttila22 July 23, 2010
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