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HC is just the best all around. Yeah it kinda looks like it hasn't been renovated since the 1600's, and yes we share one field with about 9 sports. But when all that is looked past, you basically come to meet funny, hot, CHILL girls that everyone wants to meet. Walking into HC, you'll see yellow skirts jumping through the hallways during frees - probably seniors trying to piss teachers off for the hell of it. Then there is the homeroom in the gym where you will find absurdly funny skits and people talking forever during announcements to be able to miss the first ten minutes of A block. Then there’s the infamous senior lounge, which really can’t be put into words. Any alumni can just laugh at the thought of unexplainable events that occurred in this sacred room. By the time you leave HC, you have girls that you know you'll talk to every day for the rest of your life, and the ones that you'll only see at your 5 and 10 year reunions - but no matter what you'll share that bond of having such a freaking awesome HS experience where you probably spent half the time: making up excuses for being late in the morning (such as there was an accident in The Village parking lot which can also explain the frappachino in your hand), spending half your day God knows where and saying you were in the nurse, finding new ways to decorate the senior lounge, and coming up with ways to dominate in Sprit Week. All in all, we know there's no place like HC, there's no place like home. <3
by Ladeedaaaaadadadaa February 25, 2010
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So what if we're an all-girl's school?? Holy Child is still a great place. Yes, there are the occasional "sluts" and maybe some girls there are plastic, (fake) blonde wanna-be barbies but atleast everyone gets along. There are no cliques or "popular group"..there are just people who think they are better than everyone else. Since the class sizes are small, its easier for everyone to bond and get a better education. There are plenty of fun events like Spirit week and Blue and Gold games. Most of the girls that go there are very diverse when it comes to money and style. During frees you can see the preppy blonde girl working and laughing with one of the dark artsy girl. Okay, there are a LOT of rich families but just as many girls get scholarships and financial aid that was probably given by rich alumni. The carpool line contains Fords and Nissans AS WELL as Mercedes and Lexus. Friendships here are strong and are made stronger by the fact that everyone at HC is super freindly and outgoing. We have the most spirit and fun out of anyone in the archdiocease! All the friends I have made here have changed my life and been nothing but accepting. They take me for my crazy self and nothing less! Nevermind that girl in the corner with the orange tan and nose job.
You've got to want it to win it and WE WANT IT MORE!

Hail Tigers!
by TigRR_9 March 10, 2005
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Probably the most liberal of the assorted all-girls schools in the DC area. Holy Child's student body may not be as racially diverse as other schools, but it is, most definitely, economically and intellectually varied. The girls tend to be very open to those different from them, especially when it comes to upperclassmen (i.e. laxers hang out with art kids during frees). The school itself is a kind of place where it is really up to a student whether or not she wants to be challenged. The school environment is very much centered on the humanities. Holy Child girls do not necessarily have a "brother school" to which they feel obligated. Therefore, there can be a wide array of boyfriends from a wide array of schools. And, sure, Holy Child may have its share of lesbians, but what all-girls school doesn't?

Finally, although the school is in Potomac, there is an extremely small minority of students who actually live there.
H-O-L-Y-C-H-I-L-D sound off, one, two, SENIORS!
by 11111 December 09, 2004
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An all-girls "Catholic" 6-12 school situated in Potomac, Md, exactly 14 miles outside of Washington,DC. Despite traffic jams, oversleeping, late carpools, accidents on the beltway, and staying at home to write a paper due later that day, HC girls eventually show up on campus to bond over food, frees, and fake tans. Students are both Tiffanified and pear/ribbon belt wearing sluts, and artsy Hot Topic wearing, dyed haired rock chicks; despite "differences," everyone ends up as good friends by senior year. As far as reputations go- all girl schools are breeding grounds for sluts... HC girls are therefore no strangers to weekend bedroom excursions with Prep, Zaga, and Heights guys.
HC girl 1: OMG, so Mary Margaret hooked up with Pat M and Pat K at Katie's house...
HC girl 2: Um, why do you care, I hooked up with him at the mixer, and then he hooked up with some Visi girl...
HC girl 1: Yea, but I hooked up with him twice right after... and I want him to come to Holly Ball... ohhh let's go get pretzels from the receptionist!
HC girl 2: It's ok, we can ask Mike R and Mike T instead... oohhh no it's Sarah's birthday, she has cake! And then we can go get pretzels. Oh and can I borrow your Bible, I lost mine or something.
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An all-girls school with the coolest, funnest, HOTTEST girls u'll ever dream to meet. We are fucking hotter than Visi, SR, Holy Cross, Holton and any other school you can think of. HC girls chill with all the hot guys from Gonzaga and Prep. And to you whiny little pooheads...don't hate on us just because you wanna be us! REPRESENT
Gonzaga guy #1: (jumps up from his seat) Damn! Look at those hot girls over there.
Gonzaga guy #2: yeah man, they're the hottest girls i've ever seen...they MUST go to Holy Child!
Gonzaga guy #1: Of course. Only Holy Child has hot chics, the girls from other schools like SR and Visi don't even compare to Holy Child girls
Gonzaga guy #2: word.
by hcgallie November 07, 2004
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a School of sluts who act like a bunch of morons
HCgirl1: Hey lets go study
HCgirl2:oo look a cute boy
HCgirl1: Lets go give him head!
HCgirl2: me first!
by Bobius Maximus December 25, 2004
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Yeah, it may suck, but we aren't little shithead skanks like Visi, Holton, Holy Cross girls, we aren't bitches who have a movie about mean people based on our school, and we aren't borderline psychotic like Stone Ridge girls. To sum it all up, Holy Child kicks way more ass then all y'all. BOOYAKASHA
Girl 1: Dude, im so happy i dont go to holton, or visi, or sr, or holy cross...
Girl 2: oh me too, they all suck donkey cock
Girl 1: Totally, plus, all the guys like Holy Child girls cuz we're just awesome
Girl 2: w00t!
by snackwell05 October 25, 2004
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