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1. Headbutting someone (UK)

2. Male ejaculation (US)

3. To hit ones nuts/testicles (US)

1. Nutting is an effective street fighting maneuver.

2. I fucked her without nutting.

3. Watch this video of my friend nutting himself on a rail.
by author July 14, 2006
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The most filth ridden dorm on all of Vermont Technical College campus. Where intelligence dies, and even the cat has herpes.
Id sooner stick my dick in the mouth of a hungry rat than a girl from Nutting.
by morey_dorm January 16, 2011
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To vandalize a private property by throwing several boxes of donuts and various confections at it; including on the lawn, roof, porch, car, etc. Nutting's popularity stems from how quick it is; over 100 donuts can be discarded in about a minute and a half.
"We should hit up QFC for some boxes of day-old donuts so we can go nut that bitch later."

"Dude, we should write stuff in chocolate sauce on their driveway while we nut them."

"We nutted Angela so good last night, there were like, over 90 donuts."

"Nutting for the lulz is great."
by ProjectDonut March 07, 2009
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Large amounts of mixed nuts what did you think some type of inappropriate manner
Sikeeee Mark started nutting everywhere on Jenny
by Luhbootysmatter May 22, 2018
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The art of nutting is a finely crafted art that allowes one to laugh uncontrollably at whatever one pleases. Everyone has their own source for nutting. Find yours.
Person 1: *laughs uncontrollably at saying words backwards to people*

Person 2: Dude you've hit maximum nut drive

Person 1: I know I just can't stop nutting
by anna panda May 18, 2017
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the act of using the spice Nutmeg as a source of recreational drug use,the effects of nutting comes in after about 3-6 hours depending on the amount used. After effects kicks back like a horse so take it with responsibility.
Guy 1:Dude I'm gonna go "Nutting".
Guy 2:Okay,just make sure you don't have plans for tomorrow and sleep after taking it.
Guy 1:Why?
Guy 2:Because it takes some time to kick in,but the effects is close if not similar to E.
by chronic nutmeg November 29, 2010
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