1. A nebulous, ill-defined term referring to the measure of one's homosexuality (male); composed of several markers including body shape, vocal inflections, hand movements, clothing.
2. Sarcastic term
1. I don't care if he's straight, his gayness is through the roof!
2. Here you go, your Gayness.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
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The term given to an imaginary aura surrounding a person after commencing a certain action, saying a certain word or phrase, or attending a place. It is said that one is "covered in Gayness" when they do something, which in turn makes them look gay, sound gay, or ultimately be gay.
*John touches Peter's crotch, accidently, whilst walking next to each other*
"Dude, you just touched my dick with your hand. It fully just brushed by it and i felt it on my knob, slightly."
*John proceeds to slide his hands down his chest, to his stomach and over his thighs, in a brushing action*
"I know, I'm wiping off the Gayness as we speak. I feel so gay."

"Hey man, did you see that banging chick over there, she's mint"
"Did you just say mint? and banging?"
"Uh...yeah why?"
"There is so much Gayness around you right now"

"Hey man, what you up to tonight?"
"Oh, me and Jenny are going to see 'The Notebook'. Yeah it's back on the big screen for Valentines day."
"Wow, I can feel an influx of Gayness, through the phone."
by Gaynessbian September 19, 2009
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Where you are so gay rainbows emit from every pore in your body and you eventually drowned in the rainbows and die
Judy dies yesterday from gayness
by Gay_mofo_rainbow March 27, 2016
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A game where a bunch of dudes, 2 people or more, point at another dudes crotch and attempt to gently but swiftly touch it. You can only use your index finger, no cupping allowed.
You get 1 point if you touch peen, 2 points for touching balls.
Can be played by gays and straights alike, family members, friends, etc.

You don't want the other dude to touch your peen/balls cuz he will get the point(s)...
first to 5 wins.
Best played if your drinking.
dude #1: hey you wanna play gayness?
dude #2: what's that?

dude #1 points his finger at dude #2's crotch and pokes it.

dude #1: peen! 1 point, yes!
dude #2: My turn!
by gay4payallday July 27, 2009
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A state of intense joy and happiness coupled with a hint of homosexual reflection aftertaste.
-Good friend, Lance just passed by, he sure seemed quite gay about this wonderful day, and he looked untraditionally happy to see me.
-Why, yes he did and was,my fine fellow, as he passed, I sensed a resistable, but very noticeable feeling of joy, and a very brief idea, that touching someone's penis with one's own could bring a satisfying feeling of gayness for the whole day.
by Goodgulf November 4, 2011
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Heavy or awesome by nature. Happy
Wow Gayness
by D43N August 3, 2021
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Secret Codeword for getting stoned. Just incase the ATF is tapping your phone or bugging your house.
by MVC March 18, 2003
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