Kinda weird, but even though much of our relationship has been here or numbers…. I have a lot of memories.

1) 603: I don’t remember what smart comment was said, but I remember your look… your eyes and smile… and your vehicle proceeded to the next destination. That moment is embedded in my heart and mind.

2) I couldn’t decide…

-the one time I could feel your heart beat,

-every time I see you… my heart melts, my eyes scream “I love you” “hold me
- that time I scored with your assist and your smile afterwards.
- 603 .. you keep watching, even though I tell you no! The look on your face was so adorable… guess that one is embedded too.
Wish: for us ❤️❤️

might be selfish, i will share my wishes when it is my turn❤️

Guess what? Love you always!
Enjoy your day❤️❤️
by Loving you I will always do!!! January 18, 2023
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N. When walking with friends, and having a soda or drink in your hand, you say "my turn" and throw it up in the air, in hoping that it will land on someone.
I threw the Dr. Pepper up in the air while screaming "MY TURN", and landed directly on mike. He took a shower in Dr. Pepper ;-)
by Bobby November 28, 2003
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N. The act of riding a bicycle between 2 other kids riding their bicycles really fast, again while screaming "MY TURN!!!"
As me mike and marc ride down main street, I slow down to let them go infront of me. And i Speed up and SCREAM "MY TURN!" while riding between them.
by Tele-tuby November 30, 2003
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This is the act of giving your partner oral sex for awhile, and then your partner giving you oral sex for awhile, as opposed to 69ing.

This can be done as foreplay, or can be done until one partner is sexually satisfied, and then the other is sexually satisfied.

Some women enjoy this more than they enjoy 69ing, as they can better concentrate on their own pleasure, or for other reasons. Most men don't mind either way, as they just want to get pleasured orally.
Bob: What did you end up doing last night?

John: I got drunk and played your turn/my turn with yo mama.

Bob: Shut up!
by t_doffing July 18, 2009
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Mom said it's my turn to play on the Xbox
Mom said it's my turn to play on the Xbox
by Job, Blow July 18, 2020
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A convenient way of buying yourself time during a phone call or chat session without seeming rude.
(09:18) * S(A)lly strips
(09:18) <ReytheGreat> My dog turned on the microwave
by Wardnug April 7, 2009
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To put on (donne) one's clothes and accessories, including jewellery, watches and general 'bling'.
Person 1: Yo nigga, you outa bed yet?

'Nigga': Yeah man, just got to turn my swag on then we can roll.
by Klushrio November 2, 2008
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