Meaning shifts the moment one attempts to define it. Impossible to define by definition.
fuk of yor gaye
by Adam Conway January 27, 2003
A word that pisses me off because it isn't a real word. The word that should be used is "gaiety." "Gayety" also works.
People are probably going to think I have great gaiety for posting this definition.
by (The Very Straight) Davidus February 15, 2005
When your in 8th-12th grade you hang out with kids your own age but you always got one friend who you don't like much and he's a grade lower then you, you call him The Gayness.
Joe: Are you coming to the party?
Bill: Maybe, who's going?
Joe: Ron, Mack, Jose, Robert and the Gayness
by Growit5inches4free October 5, 2011
gayness is the term used when your friend has the gay, but its classified as a disease.
Im sorry ma'am... your son has the gayness
by b00tyeatinbandit November 12, 2018
Someone who acts with gayness. Usually this person goes by the name of Alex.
"woah thats such gayness, Alex must be around"
by kjghfdtyuilkjgh7897 May 29, 2009
to act stupid, crack a funny joke, or a joke that includes homosexual relations.
"ollie6str (6:05:38 PM): aw<3
DonTwentys (6:05:51 PM): OMG
DonTwentys (6:05:55 PM): GAYE"

(both are males)
by Rusell August 25, 2007