The very essence of something that is the truest answer to it.
"By nature, Christianity is a moral religion and highly-respectable. There are just stupid people who try to pervert it into what they want it to be."
"By nature, America is a good country. It's just not perfect. Nothing that is human is perfect."
"By nature, Iraq is a good country. The fact that it was run by a dictator made Iraq a horrible place."
"By nature, human beings are good. There are just morons here and there. By nature, these negatives are supposed to be the minority of the population."

"But just because something is something by nature doesn't mean it always is. This is called contradiction. This is also why there is prejudice and hatred. There are even things and beings that are evil by nature."
by Dave June 18, 2004
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Nature is what creates balance in our world. The deepest point in the ocean, the most beautiful rose or even a simple tree continues to inspire daily. Nature reminds us that there is constant creation, destruction and regeneration that comes with the cycle of life. Natures is the reason why we have resources to live by, as well as being the foundation to everything that encompasses our world. It is much too powerful to try and combat, which is why we need to learn to respect nature. Take off your shoes, sink your toes into the green grass and you be the judge… in touch with nature we are all at peace.
Without respecting our environment and nature the world will not be able to function.
by dylan abbey August 15, 2005
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being full of nature, having qualities of nature
This vast forest is so naturous. Beautiful!
by Mr. Zenfu January 28, 2019
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noun: A chic/guy that you pull entirely as a result of your own efforts, without any ground work laid by friends, acquaintances, co-workers or social media (basically a complete stranger). Harkens back to pre-social media days when meeting people was a face-to-face business. Is the 2nd most difficult of all pulls.
1. "I tried to set John up with my wife's best friend for the weekend, but he said, he plans to try to meet some naturals this Friday at the club instead."

2. Jane basically needs two references before she'll go on a date with a guy anymore - she's still not over the time that natural tried to ATM her -
by shepAKS June 16, 2014
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An alternate term for the afro hairstyle.
I ran my comb through my natural, threw on my 8-ball jacket, and sat out on the stoop watching the cars roll by.
by stop it loser February 27, 2009
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is the uncarnate or (incorporeal) properties of matter/mass or (energy) that which constitutes the essential DNA or primary ingredient of all that is, either organic or biotic.
all within the natural order of things which are of organic or biotic properties such as mammals, animals, and Humans etc., which uncarnate properties of matter (energy) are the primary ingredient of their composition is nature.
by Baron Neville July 11, 2017
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Breasts that don't have implants.

Huge breasts that are naturals and haven't had implants.
"OMG, are those natural?"

"OMG, those are huge. Are they natural?"
by Dean P. Costusumon X May 5, 2005
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