used to agree to something.

evolved from a basketball game. the free wasnt called, 2 points was called, didnt happen. it then followed a HEAVY package chop in the direction of the PE teacher.
eg no 1.
Browny: *whistle*
Pat: (looks up extremly fucked off and raises index and middle finger)"2 points?!"
Browny: *shakes head*
Pat: *raises both hands and motions down and chops down HARD on groin aiming in Browny's direction*

eg no 2.
Brett : i fucked some girl off vodaphone live HOOOII

Pat : really? 2 POINTS!
by Pmac March 29, 2006
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When you fuck someone's wife and then wipe your dick on their drapes.
Employee 1 "I can't believe our boss is going to make us use this new equipment, it is a piece of shit"

Employee 2 "We should implement the 2-point plan on him"
by Adolph Allernipple December 10, 2009
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Refers to the Volkswagen 2.0 liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine used in VW's North American models. Cars equipped with this powerplant are notoriously sluggish, hence the term "2 point slow". The term probably derives from the 5 point slow epithet for certain fox-body Ford Mustangs.
I found an awesome used '02 Golf for sale and was all ready to buy, but then I saw it was a "2 point slow" and walked away.
by Unkle September 2, 2005
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the sexual act of while in doggy-style, the guy pulls out of the vagina and inserts his penis into the girl's asshole, and then ejaculates. It is only considered a 2-point conversion when you surprise them with it.
I brought Jenny back from the bar last night and gave her the 2-point conversion, she was surprised to say the least.
by KeepitFRATTY June 14, 2011
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2 point 5 is a gang call similar to suwoop, popularized by Soundcloud rapper Permafroze, which tells a fellow gang member to attack a victim using a chemical mix including highly acidic chemicals which leaves the victims skin dissolved and burnt, with a blueish tint, giving the body a similar look to being frozen.
Gang Member 1: 2 point 5 nigga send that shit

Gang Member 2: Aii cuh
by John Jackson 440 January 31, 2020
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Entry Point 2 will never be a thing because Cishshato stopped development
by Cishshato December 30, 2022
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