The feeling when your heart overflows with the joy of living and being able to just be free and have fun.
by FemaleWarriorForLife May 16, 2019
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Happy is the word that is used to describe people with great lucky in the world. Happy is the person who is very courteous, lovely and sweet for sharing your ideal and emotion together by expecting a wonderful achievement in others people's life. She gives more life to people who are disappointed with life as long as providing the sight of strength and awareness. They are always cool and very charming. They smile like they own everything. They have a true love but get more hurt when cheated. They always say truth and ready to stand for truth no matter how it takes in their lives.
That girl is very happy since i have seen her.
I need a happy for this house right now.
by Pseudopodia_____ April 7, 2017
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I used the thing I got from that guy in back alley and I feel really happy

I took some coke and I feel happy
by Missilemanfucker202 April 8, 2017
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Nice to see you happy laughing ..

Made a change ..

Proves I was right and your actually in your best place despite any protests ..

Look after oneself ..
by LetsTalkAboutX March 19, 2023
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Words cannot describe how happy you make me feel.
by Karma19 September 25, 2009
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Happy …

Wow I guess I was given a glimpse of a new dawn

Long ago

Not that I expected it could happen …

To be happy …

What’s clear, is the fact that the two people this evolves around …

Isn’t just two people …

And the two people are crying out for .. each other perhaps …

Yet .. I bet you …

The entire world .. and the moon .. on a stick

Those 2 people are still happier …

Than the other fuckers … that decided to involve themselves ..

And still don’t take the hint ..

Not only outstay .. where they aren’t welcome ..

But refuse to accept ..

It’s really time ..

To fuck off

And leave us alone

Like permanently …
Happy … now unhappy would be a day where I decide to actually write a post .. I stopped myself writing, it’s called …

Brutal deluxe

And yes it will burn souls …

I have a critical eye … a moral high horse .. and most of all … empathy … what you give me .. I soak up .. dissect … and judge …

I wasn’t like this before ….

Test me …..
by LetsTalkAboutX January 12, 2023
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A gentle, laughing like reaction to something funny or something your proud of. Being this, happiness is the plural
I am having a happy day

I am so happy because I finished it by myself!
by Cassandra Fuziness March 17, 2015
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