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Similar to Bukkake, this is a Japanese sexual act where the male reaches emission without coitus. Unlike Bukkake, where the male ejaculates directly onto the female (usually the facial area), in the practice of Gyukaku, the male will ejaculate onto a hot charcoal fire. The girl must then inhale the fumes.
Last night I took Kumi home and fired up the hibachi. The Gyukaku was awesome. She took in that steam cloud like a champ.
by MVC December 4, 2009
Anyone (Usually of Hawaiian ancestry) who actively participates in one or more of the following moke activities-
Bodysurfing with McDonalds Tray
Hawaiian Canoe Paddling
Driving a Lifted Pickup
Listening to Reggae/Jawaiian Music
Playing an ukulele
Stealing shoes/slippahs
Smoking Weed

There is one mandatory qualification though... For one to be a full fledged "moke", one must be well versed if not fluent in pidgin english.
Ho, Brah... U such a moke, cuz...
by MVC March 19, 2003
The Hawaiian word for an unpleasant odor. More specifically, the act of stinking.
Ho, Brah! Whend da last time you wen wash yo bibadees? Da bugga is HAUNA!
by MVC June 3, 2003
From Ancient Greek πρᾶξις (praksis): action, activity, practice.

In contemporary usage: “I'm going to tell you how to do your shit, and you should listen, because I have a degree in cultural studies.”
A truly liberatory praxis must never fail to neglect the counter revolutionary tendencies of the running dogs of the imperialist petty bourgeoisie, but rather contribute towards the construction of a radically public discourse of revolution.
by MVC October 21, 2012
Any person of caucasian blood who attemps to imitate his asian counter-parts by either-
A. Buying an import car and performing cheap mods. (see Ricer)
B. Puting parts and stickers intended for use on an import car onto his domestic car. (like seeing a Mustang with a kanji symbol on it)
C. Dating only Asian chicks and any one of the afore-mentioned offenses.
Wow, that blonde dude is driving a supra with a cheap skanky AZN ho. What a White Ricer...
by MVC March 19, 2003
Stage II of the Possy Pumper set up. Usually adds 234 hp at the ground on most cars. See Possy Pumper
Wow, those Tally Pipes sure do make a difference...
by MVC March 19, 2003
Secret Codeword for getting stoned. Just incase the ATF is tapping your phone or bugging your house.
by MVC March 18, 2003