Something that you can see yourself in; as in a mirror, or in another person similar to you. Also a very good Tool song.
I can see my reflection in the mirror.

My twin brother is a reflection of me.
by cory July 18, 2004
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Someone who both likes and has a tendency to get lost in thought.
That Kindergarten student was very reflective playing with blocks, and that was a reason he liked playing with them alone.
by Ereck Flowers March 13, 2015
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Everything you say is a direct reflection of yourself.
by pseudonym spite April 20, 2013
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Something that education majors do nonstop for years upon years of college. Reflect this, reflect that, reflect on your previous reflections. AKA We want you to tell us what you think, and in return we will tell you its all wrong.
Teacher: I want you to reflect on all of your previous reflections.

Student: You want me to reflect on my reflections
Teacher: Yes
Student: -palm to face-
by dualmajorwithnosoul October 26, 2011
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a) pensive, in deep-thought

b)pensive, in deep-thought as a result of THC or other substances.
(After blunt is smoked, looking at friend who's eyes are bloodshot head tilted back looking at nothing)

Yo man you're looking pretty reflective right there.
by theITman November 4, 2010
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Look long and hard at something and think about the consequences.

Should you do this, or should you do that?

Weigh up your options.

Maybe you change something, or maybe you leave things as they are, but at least you have made a dedicated thought process about it!
Brent had to reflect about how much time he was spending at work. Would he be better to sort this shit out, have better time management and spend his time...

Having fun with his kids
Make time to go for a dive

Dedicate time for love with the girlfriend...

What will he do??? He is trying to make time to reflect on all of this!!!
by Taniwha 150917 June 26, 2018
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