Sharing a ciggerette between two people.
Smoking only half a ciggerette so there is enough for another person to smoke, or waiting for someone to smoke half a ciggeret then finishing it off.
Person one: "Can I have a Ciggerette?"
Person two: "No, I only have one ciggerette left. But I can save you 2's on it."
Person one: "Thanks mate"
by Ya Mam/Ya Dad February 25, 2007
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woman's Breast implants, generally giving her +2 on the "10" scale....
"eeeckkk....without those +2's she'd just look like a man in drag"....
by the_ROOSTER July 18, 2008
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2/22/2022, this day date has a bunch of 2's in it. Coincidentally, it is a Tuesday.
2's day is when the world will annihilate itself with the antimatter version of Earth and start the Universe again. Restarting on 2's day again, and again, and again, etc.
by The 2s day anarchist November 21, 2017
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A term refering to a passage of time; and takes the place of common filler words such as "and then..."
I was walking down the street 2-2's this big dog jumped out of nowhere.
by Orlando P June 3, 2005
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Look at the size of those plus 2's!
by schoolboy03 September 26, 2008
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The date Februrary 22nd, 2022. In American date format, that becomes 2/22/22, and it just so happens that this date lands on a Tuesday, with "2's Day" a pun on Tuesday, and it should be celebrated at 2:22, 2:22:22 if possible.
Man 1: "Hey, 2/22/22 will land on a Tuesday!
Man 2: "Holy fuckin' shit!!"
Man 1: "Let's party at exactly 2:22! It's gonna be lit af!"
Random Bystander: "Long live 2's Day!!"
by Warble Time February 22, 2018
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