Meaning all is good. When speaking to a friend or near bystander one says gang at the end of the sentence in closing. This initiates the other party to also close with a “gang”. Synonymous with “alright or got u” or “alright we’re good” and “alright let’s get it”.

Not connected or separated from a pack of men or group of people.

Can be used twice in a row but never 3 times. Gang gang.
Hey Kyle, “I appreciate you helping me fix my tire. GANG.” Hey Ryan, “love what you’re doing with the ski doo. Gang.”
by Franklesfox December 09, 2018
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Any form of organized crime, ranging from Afro-American world-reknown Bloods and Crips, to the exceptionally dangerous Hispanic organization MS-13, to the exceptionally wealthy Cosa Nostra (or Italian Mafia, if you please) to the Yakuza and Chinese Triads, very cruel Asian street gangs, to, finally, the insane (trust me, I know) Russian Mafiya, known for killing people for no reason whatsoever.
1. Bloods + Crips = Gang war
2. (MS-13 dialogue) "Hey gringo, let's go get us some chiquitas and get them in my ride"
3.Mafia; see godfather
4.Yakuzas do cut off your finger if you mess with them
5. Triads do this also
6. JESUS CHRIST! RUN! RUN! They've got a tank!
by Iam12 November 17, 2007
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Tony: Yo, Miguel's in a gang now

Joe: Why! Who'd want to be in a gang-- only offies joins gang!

Tony: Yeah, I told homes he should just join a sports team or something. Gangs suck!
by Migerev August 28, 2008
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A whole gang of niggas just showed up at the court.

I got a gang of songs on this ipod.

A: "How many people are at the party?"
B: "A whole gang of heads!"
by Luke Knudson October 09, 2006
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