Under no circumstances should one fuse desire and expectation, as that leads to hope, which prolongs suffering.
by Killing Kittens March 27, 2005
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A girl who has beauty in her own way...

She makes the best of things.

She loves making things

Sometimes negative.

Very funny.

Some Desire's love attention.

But some Desire's don't..

Desires are Beautiful and Artistic and Love making people happy. She wants everyone to like her.
''Did You see Desire today she looked very beautiful today!''

"I don't like desire she only wants attention''

"Desire is always negative. She doubts her self all the time. But i believe in her"
by therealqueen1000 May 28, 2014
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When you really want sumthin bad!!!
'Joe, you're my desire!'
by Deita May 13, 2005
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The name of a girl (usually brunette) whom is slutty, insecure, spoilt, conceited, superficial, and attention-seeking.

She loves glitz & glamour, taking/editing photos of herself & caking on makeup.

She wants to be glorified, worshipped, famous, desired, adored & idolised. She wants men to want her & women to want to be her. She thinks fame will get her a guy & solve her low self-esteem & problems. Therefore this girl will try and become a model or actress.
Person1: What do you call a girl who wants to be desired, loves attention and puts on too much makeup?
Person2: That would be Désiré. All in all the worst kind of girl you could deal with.
by TheVendingMachineUSA April 30, 2013
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Is the name of an inbred slave in China, she was much desired by black men as they bid for her big vagina.
I wish I could afford to bid on Désiré.
by thesoxter January 01, 2013
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