A bunch of jobless retards that fight with other gangs, often getting killed or arrested in the process, for land that is owned by the federal government (called the hood)
"Shit, A Ballas Drive By!"
- Big Smoke, GTA: San Andreas

by Squag tentacles July 15, 2018
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Your Mandem/your boys. Your group that are rivals with other Gangs.
"That's my Gang"
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by UK Meanings January 21, 2021
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a group of people normally age 8-35 who are affiliated through symbols slangs and a pledge that fight to gain status through violence, corruption, and drug sales.
BGD - blacc, silver, white 6 point

crip - blu 6 point

Latin King and BGD gangs are supreme
by J-steel April 20, 2006
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A group of close people that run in a pack. Usually once your in a gang and past the initiation, you'll only escape the gang thru death. Gangs represent themselves with certain colors, hand signs, symbols, and clothing. Commit violent acts against betrayers and members of rival gangs. ex: Drive-by shootings (even if its a rival's momma's house), fighting, knife-fights, shoot-outs, etc. Also can be vandilists to homes, public places, etc. leaving their gang symbol to "represent" or as a calling-card to a rival.
Crips and tha bloods. 2 of the most violent and feared gangs in America. #1 city they reside in: Los Angeles.
by Heatha September 16, 2003
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